Things to do in Singapore: Nuts Nearly You Lot Amongst Garden Picks

Nutty Love
The Christmas flavour is approaching! If you lot are looking for something to gift to that wellness conscious colleague or friend of yours, here's a proffer to pick upwards some nuts from Garden Picks.
Doesn't looking at the colorful pieces merely perk upwards your day? 
Garden Picks is non novel as well as has been to a greater extent than or less inwards the manufacture as an importer as well as OEM manufacturer of dried fruits as well as nuts, alongside clientele including renowned restaurant chains, hotels as well as retailers across Singapore.   As turnover for such items is  high, you lot tin survive assured that their products are of the highest character as well as freshness when you lot have them at your doorstep. 
Garden Picks telephone telephone this “Factory-Fresh!”

My Review
My favourite volition cause got to survive the Classic Nut Berry Mix. This is best for healthy-nut-freaks similar me who totally dear your snacks gratuitous of salt, petroleum or whatsoever additional additives. Something that totally suits my preferences for something au natural. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 skilful residuum of sweetness cranberries, raisins as well as walnuts etc. 

If you lot dear something a chip to a greater extent than savory as well as looking for a lilliputian cheat day, the Honey Mustard Soya Crisps is perfect for some savory, spice notes making inwards quite tasty experience, made from Australian-grown soya beans! The Salted Caramel Peanut is equally good lovely for a sweetness as well as saltish mix. 

Of course, some other easily hot favourite volition survive the Superfood Granola (Chia) which comes packed alongside all the good for you lot grains mix, making it a groovy topping selection for your adjacent yoghurt snack.

Lastly, if you lot loathe veggies, as well as thus consider getting the Vegetable Chips Medley, which sees the veggies came survive inwards chips form. It's an acquired experience, but for me delight allow me cause got my actual veggies anytime. 
From overstep correct corner, anticlockwise, Superfood Granola (Chia),  Vegetable Chips Medley, Honey Mustard Soya Crisps, Classic Nut & Berry Mix and Salted Caramel Peanut.

Freshness, Wholesome
I was really satisfied to notice out that the nuts as well as snacks came packed fresh as well as alongside long decease dates from the appointment of delivery( half-dozen to 8 months.)
 Reasons why this is important?
I cause got tried ordering snack boxes from other brands ( you lot know, these subscription snack boxes are all the rage now) as well as was oft dismay when the nuts came alongside an "unfresh", distasteful taste. You volition survive able to sense of savor it. That merely way that the nuts are nearly to become bad fifty-fifty though the decease appointment is non upwards yet.
Also some, had a pretty fast decease appointment of iii to four months.
For this, Garden Picks deserve the v out of v stars for the honesty hope to consumers!
Come inwards individually sealed packages for hygiene as well as convenience. These private packs are non exclusively tasty but cheaply priced at exactly iii packets for $10! Checking them out online is tardily alongside delivery services. Head to their online ecommerce shop !
Garden Picks equally good cause got inwards corporate orders, perfect for the Christmas percentage party.

Here are the writeups of the tastiest I had tried: 

Vegetable Chips Medley
Crispy crunchy veggies! These chips are bursting alongside flavours from greens, as well as they are a delicious choice to ordinary spud chips. Perhaps, eating veggies this way is to a greater extent than fun, don’t you lot agree?

Honey Mustard Soya Crisps
If you lot are looking for something crispy, sweet, as well as savoury all at once, Honey Mustard Soya Crisp’s the one! This flavourful snack is made from GM-Free as well as Australian-grown soya beans. Definitely an irresistible snack that would survive groovy to serve at parties!

Salted Caramel Peanut
Peanuts are truly uncomplicated legumes (not nuts) which are rich inwards monounsaturated fats, the type of obese which is emphasized inwards heart-healthy diets. Coated alongside fragrant salted caramel, they build a groovy snack on-the-go as well as are pop alongside kids.

Classic Nut & Berry Mix
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 residuum of nuts as well as dried fruit, the Classic Nut & Berry Mix is 1 of our overstep sellers for skilful reason! It consists of Baked Almond, USA Walnut, Roasted Peanut, Cranberry as well as Green Raisin. Sprinkle onto your salad for some squelch or eat it equally is equally a post-workout snack. Can survive eaten alongside yogurt, ice-cream, or inwards handfuls.

Superfood Granola (Chia)
One of the easiest ways to instruct your superfood educate is alongside granola. Our Superfood Granola (Chia) is a groovy way to showtime your 24-hour interval on a good for you lot note. Chia seeds cause got been known to increase unloose energy degree as well as are loaded alongside fibre, protein, Omega-3 obese acids as well as diverse micronutrients which back upwards the immune system. While it tin survive eaten on its own, it is perfect equally topping on yogurt, ice-cream, or milk.

Pop-up kiosk at 100AM Shopping Centre happening from NOW till 19th November. 
Located at degree 2, inwards front end of Ya Kun, from 11am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday).
Drop by.


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