Things to do in Singapore: Quan Fa Organic Farm — Back Upward Local Farming

Organic Farm. Modern Days.
Always wonder how organic farms operate?
 Quan Fa Organic Farm provides a proficient platform for a farm tour experience. 
Belonging to the largest as well as 1 of the iii organic create distributors inward Singapore, Quan Fa's create are mainly distributed to restaurantsvegetarian eateries or organic supermarkets which you lot mightiness already endure familiarized with.

Come 2019, due to government's telephone phone inward claiming dorsum province for hereafter developments, Quan Fa Organic Farm volition bid farewell every bit it ceases it's operations completely. Over two decades of hard work.
But fret not, the owners are non leaving the organic scene completely as well as volition endure looking at other ways to acquaint organic create to consumers. 
So gain buy the farm along to follow them on FB ( link at the halt of the post) for the latest statement nearer the time.

So earlier nosotros tell goodbye to notwithstanding to a greater extent than or less other slice of nature inward Singapore history, why non build a trip downwards for some organic farming know-how? If you lot are keen, details of the farm tours can endure establish  right at the halt of this post.

No Chemical Fertilizers. No Pesticides.
A family-run business, Mr Liao Chuan Huat, his wife, Madam Eng Yock Kee as well as their son, Jun Jie personally come across to the daily operations of Quan Fa organic farm.
 It's no slowly feat, working nether the weather condition elements, tuning the soil, sowing seeds, harvesting, watering etc. But without their dedication,  we couldn't mayhap reap the harvest. We were privileged to endure able to witness modern-day farming amongst an on site tour.
 It was definitely a rare adventure for us city dwellers and definitely recommendable for kids to accept a await out inward the nature. 

Sunflower Seeds Sprouts are particularly higher inward nutrients as well as easier to digest for our body. That's why brands similar Sunshine had breads made from sprouted seeds. 

Lettuce inward bloom beautifully

Over xl varieties of veggies bloom inward this organic farm.
 Spinach, Kailan, Caixin as well as Radishes are but to a greater extent than or less to name.

These gummy tapes are used to grab pests as well as insects. 
Just await at all these dead ones.

The to a greater extent than holes the better, that agency it's gratuitous of pesticides. 

We were told white radishes attract pest easily as well as ask for their leaves are high due to its high nutrients.

Fun Facts
As purpose of Nespresso's recycling efforts, they accept sent the grounds from coffees to Quan Fa Organic Farm for reuse, which inward plough generates into Quan Fa's own generated version of natural fertilizers and compost for the crops.
Natural fertilizers are the supplements for the plantation as well as plays as well as extremely of import purpose inward producing character salubrious harvests. Compost on the other end, feeds the soil.

These mountains of decomposed waste product tin plough over the axe accomplish a heat of upward to lxxx degrees celsius. We touched as well as it actually was warm. They are left to farther decompose till laid upward for utilization every bit compost.Their unique organization contains as well as eliminates the odors from decays. 

More fruits as well as Veggies along the way


More greenhouses along the way

Do you lot know mints are grown inward front end of the Greenhouses to crusade away pests?
Now you lot know!

Chinese Spinach has two colors tone

We ended the tour amongst fresh sugariness ABC Soup as well as Lemongrass Mint tea amongst brownish saccharide which was thence refreshing! 

Here's the tea  

Shop & Purchase
After the tour, you lot tin plough over the axe too store for the fresh create at their minimart.
Come past times on weekends, they are opened from 9am to 5pm.

Support Local Organic Farming
If you lot are looking to back upward Quan Fa as well as wishing to buy these fresh, juicy organic produce, as well as then proficient news! Quan Fa provides online ordering as well as habitation delivery. All crops are harvested inward the morn as well as delivered straight off for freshness.

As an extension to for you lot to lodge online, QUOTE: 

QuanfaOrganicFarm to enjoy 10% off
*Not valid for promotional items as well as dried goods. One-time utilization per customer. Valid till 31 December 2016.

Farm Tours Register
Enjoy a 24-hour interval out nether the Sun as well as inhale inward breathes of fresh air. 
As mentioned, for farm tours booking, caput to the link below:

Quan Fa Organic Farm
35 Murai Farmway
SIngapore 709145


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