Things to do in Singapore: Sample Shop 10 Giftopia — The Spirit Of Giving

The Sample Store X Giftopia effect happened only terminal weekend at Raffles City as well as was organized to celebrate the spirit of gifting. Gone may live on the times when nosotros ship mails to each other frequently, but at that spot is ever fourth dimension to choose them dorsum as well as Giftopia celebrates that alongside the specially curated sets of postcards that y'all tin buy as well as ship them to your loved ones inward Singapore. 

This year's effect saw lots of local entrepreneurs as well as merchants promoting their brands as well as nosotros inward plow got to know them too. 
Here's what nosotros saw which mayhap serves every bit an early on Christmas gift sentiment for y'all too? 

New to Thai beauty products? Look no farther than alongside KarMart — the importer as well as distributor of beauty products from all over Thailand.
ii serial of their beauty as well as makeup brands — CathyDoll as well as Reun Rom are ii brands to await out for. Though spotted to live on marketed towards the Thai market, alongside its Thai wordings on the packaging, the products are all formulated, R&D as well as produced inward Korea, thus consumers tin live on assured of the quality.

CathyDoll's kawaii packaging is a killer for for girls who dear pinkish cutesy materials on their vanity table.

Cathy Doll's novel Geisha serial is actually adorable.

Makeup removal inward the shape of a brush foam cleanser. This is cool as well as it removes makeup real well.
Found the production to be Cathy Doll Ready ii White 2in1 Bubble mousse cleanser  and I am definitely recommending it. 

Que Origins
Developed past times a local Singaporean as well as manufactured as well as formulated inward Korea, this construct advocates natural harmless ingredients inward their trunk washes, moisturizers as well as more.
The scrubs smelt actually smashing as well as looking at the labels alongside all the ingredients clearly stated actually brings us a slice of hear that harmful ones remain away. 

This novel construct from Taiwan is the construct to watch. Targeting currently customers inward Singapore as well as Malaysia, BeautyKeeper has peculiarly curate the bestselling beauty brands inward Taiwan as well as construct them available on our shores. Yes, nosotros saw an array of dissimilar brands which nosotros had never actually heard of inward Taiwan but that's the aim of BeautyKeeper, to innovate y'all to explore homegrown Taiwanese beauty brands as well as products!
They accept only launched on Sat as well as their website is immediately alive Go on
We spoke alongside the owners from Taiwan as well as they were actually prissy as well as engaging.

More details on the products they accept thus generously shared alongside us inward the upcoming posts.

Here's all mine! ( Not =D)

Wild Harvest Care
An Australian construct focusing on products that are 100% natural alongside no harmful additives. 

What caught our eyes were the Wild Harvest Care coffee scrub for trunk inward well, java bags lookalike. 
 I accept to recommend this every bit it was actually good. 
Not exclusively does it the scrub smells aromatic coffee-ly, it does its undertaking good inward smoothening the peel on our trial. The element listing was actually comforting every bit at that spot were no long, unfamiliar chemic names as well as everything was only pure ingredients such every bit java beans as well as essential oils. 

We were told the scrubs are actually suitable for sensitive peel which I believe. Having sensitive skin, I ever kept a lookout adult man for harsh ingredients inward products. 
Fact is unless if y'all are allergic to the oils used every bit listed, at that spot is actually no crusade to worry about. 

Another interesting production was the Emu Oil. I accept non seen it inward fact as well as this pure extract smelt actually prissy alongside the lavander essence added in. 
Really smooth, the emu crude oil is said to live on proficient for intense moisturizing as well as softens peel over time. Good for eczema as well as peel irritation

If brushes are what y'all need, this construct makes a proficient choice. Though synthetic, they were, surprisingly actually soft as well as fluffy. We witnessed how the Foundation Brushes pick upwards products alongside only the correct amount as well as Federal Reserve annotation overdoes it. 
Truly character brushes de.inged past times the owner

Flipping Notes
Handcrafted floral bouquets all also pretty. 

Book your beauty services from Vaniday because y'all can, inward a glance spot them past times locations nearest to y'all as well as prices best suited for your burget. With over 100 over salons for all your needs, I am certain y'all tin pinpoint any, 

Check out for updated deals as well as treats!!


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