Things to do in Singapore: Wallet-Friendly Fusion Cuisine At Upper Place, Wangz Hotel ( Tiong Bahru)

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Celebrated the birthday of 1 of my bestie in addition to equally requested past times the birthday girl, nosotros savored some actually fine fusion European plates infused alongside Asian influences. Helmed past times Chef Gregory Lau, this quaint, fashionable dining identify is located correct on the rooftop of Wangz hotel, offering a panoramic sentiment of the beautiful urban marrow skyline, overlooking to Pinnacle at Duxton. 

Views aside, nosotros really enjoyed our fourth dimension there, alongside the tantalising cuisines. Exquisite plating, fragile servings rattling much large on flavors in addition to sense of savor in addition to leaves y'all yearning more.

 Below was what nosotros had. 

Lunch Set (3 Courses)
Appetizer: Slow Cooked Pork Belly Taco
 spread alongside homemade BBQ sauce, Crunchy veggies in addition to lime.
This was the stimulate plate served in addition to nosotros all enthralled past times the mini exquisiteness. Savory-sweet BBQ sauce enveloped the pork belly in addition to inwards all yumminess. The lime gave the taco a zesty perk-me-up.

Main: Miso Norwegian Salmon Trout
Embroiled inwards Daikon Soup, Curry Oil, Nori in addition to Baby Turnip.
This beautiful babe steak is flavorsome, carrying the Daikon's (winter radish) sweetness nature. The
added dashes of curry fossil oil adds spurts of heat in addition to a hint of Asian notes to it all. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 wonderful, hearty original course of written report to stimulate things right.

The develop luncheon ends off alongside a dessert.
Dessert: Matcha Parfait 
Red Stew Beans, Black Sesame Coulis
Does it looked similar fried fish skin? Opps, that was my stimulate idea at the crepe standing out. Fret non it's anything but.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 layer of fossil oil sits alongside the sesame colis ( thick puree sauce) in addition to y'all are expected to dig through all the iii layers inwards 1 go. This is non sweetness at all in addition to suits matcha lovers.

The fun goes on, nosotros had to social club their best sellers in addition to close instagrammable plates of course.

Tuna Tartare
Looking absolutely gorgeous in addition to stunning, this Tuna Tartare looks expert inwards every angle right? 
Anticipate the combination of Yellow Fin Tuna alongside Onion Truffle compote, Avocado Coulis in addition to Tobiko, all on plough over of the crunchy tart base. 
It was a novel acquired sense of savor but definitely putting us inwards a positive happy mood.  Must order.

Milky Way swirl.

Lobster Kueh Pie Tee 
Not your typical Kueh Pie Tee. This lobster meat filled crispy loving cup comes filled alongside Tomato Chipotles,  Coriander in addition to Mango. Refreshing sweetness tone, all popped inwards your oral fissure inwards 1 bite. Yummilicious!

Chocolate Lava Cake
Lastly, nosotros ended on a sweetness banking concern complaint alongside some other dessert. 
The oozing chocolate lava came topped alongside Sea tabular array salt caramel gelato in addition to seasonal berries. Beautiful plating 1 time once to a greater extent than in addition to no doubtfulness it was satisfying in addition to left us inwards glee.

In all, nosotros actually enjoyed the food. You would accept expected for such fine dining identify volition cost y'all a bomb. Gladly the prices hither are actually affordable in addition to a smashing agency to part in addition to sense of savor a chip of everything. Of course, the nutrient in addition to sense of savor is perfecto equally well. Definitely a identify to recommend for the upcoming festive gatherings! 

Ambience in addition to Surroundings
Here's a expression at the but about Upper Place. 
Many thank y'all to the Bd ger

Here's the awesome panorama y'all volition larn at Upper Place.

Overlooking to the Pinnacle in addition to the CBD area

Spacious interior belongings upward to lxx over guests.

Wangz Hotel, Rooftop
231 Outram Road
 7 to 10.30am
noon to 3pm
 6 to 10.30pm daily



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