Things to do in Singapore: [ What's Upward Singapore] Epicurean Marketplace 2016 ( Marina Bay Sands)

The fourth Annual Food as well as Wine Fair is dorsum at Marina Bay Sands from 12-14 Aug as well as nosotros went to banking concern jibe it out thank y'all to Burpple. 
So I was at that spot on Fri as well as volition locomote at that spot in 1 lawsuit again today. If y'all bring seen my Instagram Stories or Instagram updates, y'all would bring had a sneak peek. 
Back for its fourth year, this annual gourmet number is definitely something to aspect frontward to, judging past times the exciting crowd turnout nosotros witnessed on Friday. 

I had my sister alongside me as well as nosotros had a happy fourth dimension tasting wines as well as indulging inwards the broad selections of signature restaurants.
Here were some of the deeds.

This is 1 interesting production from Japan: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Green Tea gulp packed inwards a toner-like bottle. 
Really enticing for females.

Nespresso Bar
Serves upwards some pretty quirky, unconventional drinks for customers, Grab a gratis cuppa!

King's Cup ( Left) Ristretto which carried notes of Republic of Republic of India spices mixed inwards alongside whisky, gingery-gingerbread as well as honey, cumin flavored cream foam for an Republic of Republic of India getaway.
Maracuja Cola-Da (Right) Espresso mixed alongside lime juice as well as cola. 


I was to a greater extent than interested alongside the Signature Restaurants segment as well as the large sprawling Picnic Area for patrons to actually chill as well as bask splendour vino alongside the yummy spread of choices available. 

Read well-nigh the hype from Yardbrid Southern Table as well as Bar, which is laid to opened upwards at MBS inwards 2017 as well as was curious how they mensurate up. So at that spot nosotros queued as well as hither it was

P.S: Get produce your CITIBANK cards equally y'all volition locomote entitled 10% discount at every booth purchases. 
Back to the food.

Drooling over my crispy chicken. 
Hits all the correct notes, accompanied alongside the warm crispy waffle as well as juicy watermeleon cubes. 

Our favourite from Gordon Ramsay — Bread Street Kitchen
Sidenote: We were seated at their booth's dining kiosk as well as the staff who came to build clean our plates were extremely friendly, courteous, shout out for us how was the nutrient as well as fifty-fifty offering us drinks. Definitely nosotros were non expecting that equally customers who had already paid as well as completed the "transaction" process. 
We were happily surprised past times the service of the crew despite the hectic crowd. 

Choose from Pork SLiders

Or Fish as well as Chips! 

It was agency fun to but chill as well as chat upwards land dining!

Head on downwardly today if y'all are tempted to! It's the final twenty-four hours today at Marina Bay Sands

( Updated: ninth Sept.)
Went dorsum on the final twenty-four hours alongside my sweetie as well as here's what nosotros ate!!
Real expert materials land spotted DC Comics superheros roaming about.

This fourth dimension circular nosotros difficult our tries at Cut byWolfgang Puck

Here were the orders from Cut.

Indian Spiced Shrimp Sandwich $15
One of the meliorate nutrient nosotros had, love the shrimp for it's springy as well as tangy sense of savour alongside the creamy sauce. 

Tuna Tartare Cones
This was awesome! Crispy outer cone wind filled alongside fresh raw tuna sashimi. It was a mix of sweetness (cone) as well as savory from the tuna. Intriguing sense of savour as well as really memorable. Wish they were larger though. 
A must eat! 
Mozza's Hand-pulled mozzarella pizza. 
Because of the strong goat cheese, this was sadly non my loving cup of tea, but my ger loves it. So.

That's all I have!

Thanks for reading as well as let's aspect frontward to side past times side year's Epicurean Market!


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