Things to do in Singapore: Why Yous Should Adopt A Pet Amongst Animals Honey League

A New Furry Addition To Your Family?

 Instead of shopping at the pet shops for one, why non adopt ?
If yous are looking for a registered too trustworthy adoption pets centre, reckon Animals Love League (ALL). ALL has been around since 2002 too is a non-profit too no-kill creature shelter located at Pasir Ris Farmway too dwelling draw solid to to a greater extent than than 700 cats too dogs too most of these animals were either abandoned, or strays that were 1 time abused.

The Maths Behind
Due to its non-profit nature, maintainence too upkeep of the shelter tin last a daunting chore on a daily basis. ALL's monthly rental amounts up to S$22,000 and bills to the veterinarian hospital is currently to a greater extent than than S$30,000.00. This is because many of the ageing or rescued animals oft human face upwards wellness issues that require urgent too immediate medical attention. Future expenses for ALL looks laid upwards to increase inevitably in the futurity along amongst ascension costs. 

It's All For Love
Despite the tough atmospheric condition too high costs inwards maintaining a shelter, the squad behind ALL is a passionate bunch too goes all out to ensure these abandoned animals instruct a roof higher upwards their heads. a repast 3 times a day, too lots of dearest from the volunteers of the shelter. It is inwards the hopes for ALL to uncovering each creature a novel permanent dwelling draw solid inwards credence past times a foster family. 
If yous involve to a greater extent than convincing, find out the truth most petshops, too why yous should adopt.

Volunteers Recruitment
Let's create our role to aid ALL!! To all yous creature advocates out there, delight back upwards ALL too their fund raising efforts. As mentioned the operating costs are high too for the starting fourth dimension time e'er they volition last having their FIRST FLAG DAY

And they are looking for VOLUNTEERS! That's yous alright!

This upcoming flag twenty-four hours volition last on 30th October at diverse locations inwards Singapore, from 10am -6pm. Timings tin last staggered.  You tin every bit good convey your pets along! 

To sign upwards too know to a greater extent than details on the event, caput to Google cast signup:

The flag twenty-four hours has been  generously sponsored by Floral Garage Singapore too their novel subsidiary, Christmas Tree Singapore  . 

Join for a skilful cause. Animals Love League too I maxim a big Thank You to yous inwards advanced.

Head on downwardly to their shelter if yous are looking to adopt. 
Details on their web.

* All pictures are courtesy from Animals Lovers League.


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