Johor Bahru Shopping Trip 2018 - How To Become To Johor Bahru Sentral Yesteryear Ktm Shuttle Prepare From Singapore Woodlands Ciq

Been to Johor Bahru many times for hateful solar daytime shopping but usually past times bus. This time, nosotros tried taking the KTM Shuttle Train from Woodlands. Firstly, nosotros booked our develop tickets online at KTM website. Being the schoolhouse holidays this month, develop tickets were sold out quick, nosotros managed to transcend away tickets for the Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral. If booked online inward Singapore, the tickets were inward S$5(Singapore Dollars) thence normally, most people volition purchase the provide ticket inward JB Sentral at RM5 (malaysian ringgit).The telephone commutation charge per unit of measurement is S$1 = M$3.03(right at fourth dimension of posting this article). Onced booked online, retrieve to impress the e ticket.

We had to accept autobus from Woodlands Bus Interchange (same edifice equally Woodlands MRT Station), nosotros took Bus 911 to Woodlands CIQ (Checkpoint). But non certain the existent reason, all the buses including the i nosotros were on, were non stopping at autobus halt infront of Woodlands CIQ checkpoint. We were thence angry, nosotros needed to walk near five to vi mins from where the autobus alighted us to the checkpoint to accept the train.

Cut through an one-time abandoned buidling (used to go a cinema) together with immediately, nosotros were able to location the checkpoint building.

Went to transcend away our e ticket to go stamped on the the world level, together with thence walked to marking ii to immigration to accept the shuttle train.

It is really conveninet, equally both the Singapore Custom together with Malaysian custom are located inward the same building, afterwards clearing the Singapore custom, nosotros but walked over to the malaysian custom to transcend away our passport checked together with stamped. After clearing immigration, nosotros made our fashion to the train, is complimentary seating. The develop ride is a mere five minutes.

On arrival, afterwards exiting the develop station, in that location is a KTM counter infront of the exit, nosotros tin purchase develop tickets (current or advance)from this counter.

I honor it fourth dimension consuming to accept the KTM Shuttle develop from woodlands to JB Sentral, nosotros require to go early on thence equally non to missy the train.

For the provide trip, is ok to accept the KTM Shuttle develop from JB Sentral to Singapore crusade the develop station is but beside City Square, nosotros tin but popular over to the develop station afterwards shopping inward City Square without worry near taking whatever additional carry to the develop station. Whereas the develop station inward Woodlands is but past times itself without whatever facilities similar nutrient court, malls, etc. Only vending machines selling drinks.

Refer to my previous post on how to accept autobus from Kranji MRT Station inward Singapore to JB Sentral.

For my hereafter trip I prefer to accept the autobus from Kranji MRT Station to JB Sentral rather than the KTM Shuttle develop together with for the provide journey, both options of taking the KTM Shuttle develop or autobus are fine.

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