Miri & Mulu Trip – Prologue

Visiting Mulu is ever inward my bucket listing as well as when I was planning for a brusque trip amongst WB, Mulu came to my mind. The driest months are betwixt July as well as September which is equally good the peak period. Mulu National Park is known for it's caves as well as pinnacles. However I volition non survive attempting to climb the pinnacles which requires three days ii nights trekking. The tour to the showcase caves tin survive booked straight at the green as well as prices are available on the Mulu Park website.

There is daily Air Asia flying from Singapore to Miri as well as from Johor Senai to Miri. If the cost is around the same, it's non worth the spell travelling to Senai for the flight. Then from Miri, at that spot is twice daily flying to Mulu past times Maswings, a subsidiary of MAS.

It is unlikely to wing from Singapore to Miri as well as onwards from Miri to Mulu on the same 24-hour interval as well as vice versa. The transit fourth dimension of 1.5hr - 2hr is relatively tight as well as nosotros accept to clear the custom later landing at Miri airport. Hence I decided to pass the commencement as well as final nighttime inward Miri.
Map of Sarawak

I accept booked ii nights at Kingwood Boutique Hotel which is ranked release i on tripadvisor as well as a classic room inclusive of breakfast cost MYR142 S$50 per night.

For the other ii nights inward Mulu, I accept booked the garden deluxe bungalow inclusive of breakfast for MYR302 S$110 per night. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 deposit of MYR200 was required as well as this tin survive paid via credit bill of fare or depository fiscal establishment transfer. When I emailed the Park Head Quarters, the reservation officeholder advised me non to mass the flying commencement until I accept a tentative reservation amongst them. I accept read on TripAdvisor that the Park Head Quarters accommodation may survive fully booked during the peak period. It's exclusively later I accept received the confirmation from them earlier I expire along to mass the Air Asia as well as MASwings flights.

There are other choices at the Park Head Quarters ranging from Hostel twenty beds MYR50 per bed to five pax household unit of measurement room. For those who prefer a to a greater extent than luxurious stay, at that spot is Mulu Mariott Resort which is 5 instant from Mulu National Park as well as the rates start from MYR450.

Itinerary for this trip:
Day 1: Reach Miri @ 12.15pm, Grand Old Lady, Petroleum Museum, San Ching Tian Temple
Day 2: Reach Mulu @ 9.55am, Deer & Lang caves tour (3hr), Night walk (2hr)
Day 3: Clear H2O cave & Cave of the current of air tour (4hr), Fastlane (3hr)
Day 4: Canopy (2hr), Tree exceed tower, Reach Miri @ 3.40pm
Day 5: Depart Miri @ 9.55am

Budget for this trip S$450:
- S$200 for accommodation
- S$30 for transport
- S$100 for Mulu green admission & guided tour
- S$50 for food
- S$70 for miscellaneous

>>Day 1: nine Jun 18

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