Redang Trip – Prologue

This is an impromptu trip equally the airtickets together with accommodation are booked ane calendar month earlier the trip. My ex-colleague Sarah suggested a trip to Redang together with terminate upward solely ii of us are able to brand it. 

Many years ago, close of my friends went on a trip to Redang afterward graduation equally it is a real pop goal dorsum then. The solely pick was to accept ten hours over nighttime motorbus ride. In the past, Berjaya airline used to wing from Singapore to Redang isle but this road was terminated few years ago. Johor Senai airdrome is the nearest airdrome which serve straight flying to Kuala Terengganu (the nearest airdrome to Shahbandar Jetty) together with the other pick is wing to KL together with alter to a domestic flying to Kuala Terengganu. 

The provide airticket from Johor to Kuala Terengganu cost RM130 S$ 41 which is real cheap! The airticket volition hold upward fifty-fifty cheaper if it is bought during the costless seats promo. When booking the airticket, I conduct maintain to select the currency equally SGD earlier searching for the flying otherwise at that topographic point is no eNets pick at the payment page. Although the airticket is inward MYR, Airasia volition convert the amount using their prevailing telephone substitution charge per unit of measurement together with reverberate the SGD equivalent. I select to pay past times eNets equally the processing fee is per booking compared to credit carte du jour processing fee which is per invitee per sector.

There is airport shuttle service from JB Sentral (behind the Malaysia custom) to Senai airdrome together with ane agency fare is MYR8. The ticket tin hold upward buy online or at JB Sentral counter. There is an hourly deviation from JB Sentral together with the motorbus journeying to Senai airdrome takes around an hour.
Map of Redang

As the latest ferry departs Shahbandar Jetty at 3pm, nosotros volition non hold upward able to become far therefore nosotros conduct maintain to remain ane nighttime at DJ Citi Point Hotel which is located near the Jetty. The charge per unit of measurement for ii unmarried beds is MYR84.

There are many resorts inward Redang together with close resorts offering total board package. After researching, I continue to majority 4D3N bundle amongst Redang Bay Resort. A 4D3N bundle toll MYR568 which includes  4 daily meals: breakfast, lunch, tea suspension together with buffet/ BBQ dinner, five snorkelling trips, provide ferry from Shahbandar Jetty to Redang. I conduct maintain requested for provide airdrome transfer MYR25 together with province transfer from DJ Citi Point Hotel to Shahbandar Jetty MYR10. I conduct maintain checked that the taxi fare from airdrome to Shahbandar Jetty is RM30 ane agency therefore it is slightly cheaper past times booking the airdrome transfer through Redang Bay Resort. In addition, the marine conservative fees for foreigner MYR30 together with for Malaysian is RM5 has to hold upward paid on exceed of the package. On the final day, nosotros volition hold upward taking the 7am ferry from Redang equally nosotros may non hold upward able to become far to the airdrome if nosotros accept the 12pm ferry. I conduct maintain asked Redang Bay Resort to permit us to deposit our asset at their store close the jetty so nosotros conduct maintain some fourth dimension to explore the surrounding earlier leaving for the airdrome inward the afternoon.

Itinerary for this trip:
Day 1: Reach Kuala Terengganu at 2.50pm together with banking corporation fit into DJ Citi Point Hotel
Day 2: Depart Shahbandar Jetty at 10am together with banking corporation fit into Redang Bay Resort
Day 3: Redang Bay Resort
Day 4: Redang Bay Resort
Day 5: Depart Redang at 7am together with tour about at Kuala Terengganu. Depart Kuala Terengganu airport at 3.15pm

Budget for this trip is $300:
- $220 for accommodation
- $20 for carry & rental of snorkelling equipment
- $60 for food

>>Day 1: 26 Sep 17


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