Place to visit in Singapore: Emirates A380 Singapore To Dubai To London

We were off on a holiday! This time, nosotros are flying alongside Emirates for the starting fourth dimension time, flying on the A380.  It was going to go a really skillful experience.  Our goal was London.  We would receive got to wing Singapore to Dubai, receive got a 2.5 hr layover, earlier an onward flying from Dubai to London.

Flight video - Singapore to Dubai

The flying from Singapore departed at 9pm local time.  We would encounter inward Dubai at 0100hrs local time.  The flying to London was 0310hrs local time.  Flight fourth dimension from Singapore to Dubai was nigh seven hours.  We experienced about delays getting into Dubai because the airspace was congested.  Our bird was position on a belongings blueprint for thirty minutes.  Maybe Dubai needs a novel rail too!

After nosotros landed, during our layover at Dubai International, nosotros had burger in addition to fries at Shake Shack. The burger was freshly prepared in addition to tasted good.  After the burger, nosotros had to brand our fashion to the deviation gates for the flying to London.  We had to receive got a shuttle bus.  The journeying was quite long only nosotros had a non bad persuasion of the drome in addition to the many large planes. Check out this video I made.

Video - Shake Shack Dubai in addition to Airport Bus Ride

This video was for the flying from Dubai to London. Another skillful flying on Emirates.  The Economy class sense is for sure a superior one.

Flight Video - Dubai to London Flight

Even though the flying departed from Dubai slightly late, our arrival inward London was on time.

I am Singaporean in addition to I am a large fan of Singapore Airlines, having flown alongside them many times. However, I must state that the Emirates Economy class is every bit good, in addition to inward about ways, fifty-fifty improve than SQ.

One clear example is that the Emirates In-Flight Entertainment organisation is improve in addition to to a greater extent than user-friendly.  It is a touch-screen (SQ's KrisWorld is not) in addition to the concealment is fifty-fifty larger than SQ's.  They also receive got the airshow (cameras to sentry outside) in addition to I similar that really much.

Thanks for watching!

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