Place to visit in Singapore: Yuan Ching (Jurong) Murder Illustration - Ken Ong Together With Mdm Koh

The murder case, at nowadays all over the news.  Looks similar this chap (Ken Ong) hadn't been working for vi years.  What create yous brand of that?

My ain personal see - every bit a man, how tin yous non last working for vi years in addition to relying on your married adult woman financially? Unless it is an explicit understanding (i.e. the manful individual becomes a solid hubby in addition to the married adult woman is fully supportive), I remember this is merely non right.

 years in addition to relying on your married adult woman financially Yuan Ching (Jurong) Murder Case - Ken Ong in addition to Mdm Koh

Ken Ong's suicide note:

Final Note

It's distressing that things had to last inward this way, but amongst 12 years of greivances, suffering inward quiet in addition to humilation i had amongst her in addition to what i got inward provide is her lies, empty promises in addition to betrayal. Totally ignoring my sacrifaces, endurance towards her bad grapheme in addition to wrongdoings. All these years of spousal human relationship amongst her, i had constantly contemplating amongst the thought of suicide, the mental stress i had amongst her is also much for me.

My Studies
Only afterward i started study, i finally gained dorsum some confidence in addition to thought of what i wanted to create again. I had brand then much endeavour inward existence an “A” student. Time required for to in addition to fro from my house to BCA takes almost iv hours daily in addition to i brand certain i went for every lesson no affair how long the lessons are, fifty-fifty for sometimes 1 to 2 hr lesson. Sleep alone 4-6 hours daily in addition to the residue of the fourth dimension are for studies, no TV, no Entertainment. Exam in addition to Project menses is fifty-fifty worst, Only iv hours of slumber in addition to direct hold to slumber at 11pm in addition to wake upwards at 3am then that i direct hold to a greater extent than fourth dimension to create what i demand to create in addition to laid upwards for the day. Study at 36 years onetime afterward existence away from studies almost eighteen years in addition to peculiarly wanted to struggle amongst the elites from china to last top of the cohort in addition to “A” educatee is non a joke.

Our Divorce
I had already handgrip that nosotros tin divorce every bit long every bit nosotros maintain it peaceful every bit i don't desire to wound the kid inward anyway in addition to my studies shouldn't last affected. I came from a divorced household unit of measurement in addition to i know real clearly how much wound it tin give to a kid, firstly, she agreed. However afterward she speak to her lawyer amongst APL Law Corporation, she turned in addition to tried to human activeness every bit the victim, giving fake data to discredit me in addition to my contribution to this family, thinking of using Singapore Women's Charter against me. Finally, forced me out of my studies to contender her allegations in addition to the divorce is genuinely the breaking betoken for me.

Women's Charter inward Divorce
That is the worst usage inward things to create inward singapore law, totally unfair in addition to biased against guys inward divorce, it doesn't consider the fault or work of the adult woman inward the marriage, all benefits volition last given to the ladies. That is why many adult woman are abusing it for their ain fiscal benefits in addition to using it to threaten their hubby during marriage. Although at that topographic point are appeals for this charter to last abolish or amended but every bit usual, the authorities won't create anything against it without whatsoever benefits every bit they worried almost losing adult woman voters in addition to things to create inward singaporean guys had to alive amongst damage to that. Law should last Fair in addition to Just, but somehow it is no longer the illustration for me.

Her Family in addition to TYT Corporation
Her household unit of measurement is genuinely a problematic in addition to totally unethical one. Parents are extremely selfish in addition to moral values are totally at solid soil zero.
Father is alone interested inward shares, disregard the household unit of measurement in addition to constantly plotting against his ain children to seize command of the society that they built.
Mum is totally a irresponsible liar, constantly making empty promises, e'er similar to present off in addition to brag to others how proficient she in addition to her household unit of measurement is, but never consider her ain mannerism in addition to demeanour inward public. Pack leftover nutrient for friends to present off where she went, for goodness sake, that is non existence generous, that is constantly insulting people. Even process her ain domicile similar garung guni, stuffing solid amongst rubbish she observe exterior in addition to never bother to tidy them.
As for the 3 pillar of TYT Corporation, Andy, Karen in addition to Rachel. Many would consider Andy in addition to Karen every bit the Mr squeamish guy in addition to Karen Ms squeamish lady in addition to Rachel every bit the scheming stingy wife. At to the lowest degree Rachel is the alone truthful individual to her ain character.

Andy Koh, your Mr Nice Guy is genuinely committing Bigamy for the yesteryear 7-8 years. Married inward things to create inward singapore but get hitched amongst some other adult woman inward china, in addition to hiding her inward Malaysia amongst a kid almost vii years old. His parents in addition to karen, all know almost it in addition to all trying to encompass upwards for him all these years. So inward things to create inward singapore every bit a encompass upwards or brand amends, he acts similar a caring hubby in addition to next Rachel means inward the growth of company.
Rachel is non stupid then i believe she knew almost the Bigamy every bit well, because of his frequent flyer to Malaysia amongst lies of trying to expand TYT Corp to Malaysia in addition to she fifty-fifty got a missive of the alphabet from the mistress bespeak her to go out him then she could bring aid of him. Yes, he already expanded his roots at that topographic point long ago. Why is she enduring all that? Simple, truthful to perspective, she is the greedy in addition to scheming woman. Would yous desire almost $4.000 inward alimony in addition to almost a 1000000 or 2 inward assets from divorce or constantly drawing approximately $8,000 inward salary in addition to almost $7,000 allowances monthly, driving Jaguar in addition to changing machine annually amongst whole society of people direct hold to brain to yous in addition to the assets are soundless nether her command if she remain married? Answer is simple, at to the lowest degree to her.

Karen Koh, Ms Nice Lady, the lady i'm amongst for 12 years. I'm existence blinded yesteryear her lies in addition to seemingly squeamish lady nature. Staying amongst her for five years summation earlier nosotros broke off first. Then she got involve every bit a mistress to a married guy, got important in addition to abandoned. However, she insisted that she wanted to maintain the kid, her parents every bit green doesn't aid or bother amongst that. The sense i had amongst her already told me, she volition never last a loving in addition to caring mother. Kid to her is merely similar me to her, dogs. She merely desire companionship whenever she want, she won't last responsible to them or present dear in addition to aid towards them. She promised that she volition last a changed individual in addition to somehow, i believed her, yous tin telephone phone me blind yesteryear dear or desperation to settle down, i genuinely suggest to her in addition to nosotros got married. I thought afterward the in conclusion failed human relationship amongst the married guy, she volition realise the value of a human when he is willing to stand upwards yesteryear yous fifty-fifty this form of thing happened in addition to willingness to aid in addition to dear a kid that is non his. After all these years, truth last told, she totally possess her parents traits in addition to fifty-fifty worse than that, Ingrate, Liar, Schemer, Irresponsible, Actress, Lack of moral values, genuinely if yous named it, she almost got it. For certain fifty-fifty though the kid is non my biological boy but i dear him mayhap fifty-fifty much to a greater extent than than my own, every bit i genuinely quit my operate to bring aid of him in addition to this household unit of measurement for iv years earlier i started my studies.

TYT Corporation Pte Ltd
As for how much they expolit the society to evade their ain taxes in addition to increase their ain benefits, that is the chore of IRAS, encounter if the authorities desire to banking concern check on them.

The Maid, Jasmen Jamelarin Corpuz
I had already given her many chances, in addition to wanted to terminate her services iv years agone because of the terrible means she is at managing her chore in addition to the kid, which resulted inward the kid having peel in addition to allergy issues but she gained the favor of Karen in addition to Karen chose to maintain her spell ignoring my wish. After that, she had been giving me attitudes in addition to instruction the kid to disrespect me in addition to non greeting me yesteryear using the threat of tears in addition to the man child dear for her. She is also i of the my greatest mistakes. I shouldn't trust her into this family, allow the kid slumber amongst her in addition to last nether her aid spell i study. Frankly, it is non my choice anyway every bit Karen is the i deciding them all along, disrespecting my opinions in addition to want all along. In this family, i'm similar the outsider in addition to similar Karen is the husband, i'm the housewife in addition to he brought a mistress, the maid, dorsum in addition to tin fifty-fifty say me “I don't aid whether yous similar it or not, i desire her inward this family. If yous direct hold problems amongst her, operate it out amongst her.” who tin bring this form of nonsense yet i endured for nearly iv years. An first-class bootlicker, politico in addition to manipulator, destroy my household unit of measurement then that she tin savor the luxuries of life amongst Karen.

My alone worry, Kid
Her parents groomed such form of kids, afterward our death, i tin imagine how bad the kid volition last inward the futurity amongst them. Her mum is the i who promised that she would remain at domicile to bring aid of the babe then that i tin create my ain work, even then inside less than a month, she complained the lack of freedom, torso aches in addition to sickness, she can't bring aid of him, which forced me to halt all my working plans to last a domicile dad to bring aid of the kid then that she tin go on to work. After i took aid of the kid, she directly recover in addition to going out everyday amongst her friends, that is the form of grandma. I sincerely hope that the kid inward futurity won't direct hold the traits of her mum in addition to grandma, last taught that every bit long every bit yous tin encompass upwards your mistakes in addition to problems which Andy in addition to Karen are practicing now, yous tin instruct away amongst anything. So i hope the kid volition last laid upwards yesteryear the authorities for adoption, then that he tin last brought upwards inward a proper domicile in addition to are taught the proper manners in addition to ways to last a man. Please create non allow him last inward the aid of the Grandparents or Andy, or else the kid volition endure to a greater extent than in addition to last taught of all the bad ethics in addition to morals inward life.

I may non last the best hubby approximately but at to the lowest degree i tried my best in addition to given plenty patience to her in addition to her family. Yet yous never treated me every bit a man, hubby or allowing me to last a proper father. Even inward divorce, yous did it inward an arrogant way, “take my offering of null in addition to leave, i don't aid what are your wishes in addition to resolutions every bit yous won't direct hold coin to struggle against me every bit well” in addition to using my studies to threaten me to bring your divorce terms. You genuinely insulted my intergrity in addition to pride. I endured for then long, for 12 years fifty-fifty amongst less than five times of sexual practice for all these years, i stayed in addition to back upwards you, i endured what most human can't endured because i dear yous in addition to in conclusion few years for the dear of the kid in addition to family. But the means yous care the divorce alter everything, i finally realise what form of devil yous are, all should cease 3 months ago, but my dear in addition to compassion for the kid brand me give yous 3 to a greater extent than months to consider or brand amends but yous didn't in addition to yous gotten worse. I thought of getting jurist through Singapore Law even then that won't last possible because of Women's Charter, in addition to my endurance for yous in addition to the maid is finally to the limit. So fourth dimension is up. I volition give yous in addition to the maid what yous all deserve earlier i cease mine. I said earlier for then many years, i don't demand anything from you, merely demand abide by in addition to honour every bit a man, knowing in addition to loving yous is genuinely my biggest error inward life. Son, sorry that yous direct hold to go through all these, I dear yous but your mum forcefulness me out of my limits. Hope your novel household unit of measurement tin assist yous overcome the trauma.

PS: Please assist me spread this to allow the Singapore authorities sympathise the kid predicament in addition to post him for adoption, never ever allow him remain amongst the grandparent who are terribly selfish in addition to irresponsible, or amongst Andy who commit bigamy, he already direct hold 2 married adult woman in addition to 3 kids, he won't bring proficient aid of the boy.

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 years in addition to relying on your married adult woman financially Yuan Ching (Jurong) Murder Case - Ken Ong in addition to Mdm Koh

 years in addition to relying on your married adult woman financially Yuan Ching (Jurong) Murder Case - Ken Ong in addition to Mdm Koh  years in addition to relying on your married adult woman financially Yuan Ching (Jurong) Murder Case - Ken Ong in addition to Mdm Koh years in addition to relying on your married adult woman financially Yuan Ching (Jurong) Murder Case - Ken Ong in addition to Mdm Koh

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