Destinations and Things to do in Singapore: Weird Facts Virtually Singapore

We idea nosotros know Singapore the way nosotros consider together with sense living at that topographic point but at that topographic point are things that volition certainly blow our mind. Whether you lot lived at that topographic point for thirty years or only stayed at that topographic point for thirty days, you lot volition last surprised to larn something intriguing that were non taught inward Geography or Social Studies class.

1. Singapore is an American ghost town
What? Who would bring idea that densely populated Singapore has its ain alter ego - a small-scale town inward Michigan that no longer exists. Its marking best describes it: Beneath the sands close the oral fissure of the Kalamazoo River lies the site of Singapore, i of Michigan's famous ghost towns. Founded inward the 1830's past times New York soil speculators, who hoped it would contender Chicago or Milwaukee equally a lake port. Singapore was inward fact, until the 1870's, a busy lumbering town. With 3 mills, 2 hotels, several full general stores, together with a renowned "Wild-cat" bank, it outshone its neighbors to the south, "The Flats,"as Saugatuck was together with therefore called. When the render of timber was exhausted, the mills closed. The i time bustling waterfront grew quiet. The people left, virtually of them settling hither inward Saugatuck. Gradually, Lake Michigan's shifting sands buried Singapore.

2. Singaporeans are the fastest walkers on Earth
When you lot alive inward a fast-paced, dynamic metropolis where everyday life revolves about deadlines together with schedules, it is non surprising that you lot volition eventually develop your walking mightiness to the signal that you lot bring to shell others only to get inward the side past times side train or acquire into your side past times side coming together of the day! In fact, the British Council did a query together with they establish out that the Singaporeans bring the fastest walking speed. On average, nosotros walk a distance of eighteen meters inward 10.55 seconds. That's unopen to 6.15 kilometers per hour!

3. Singapore has changed timezones
Singapore has the same timezone amongst that of Hong Kong, Taipei together with Manila but it has changed timezones half-dozen times before. For over 36 years, Singapore was only vii hours together with thirty minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It was inward 1982 that the Singapore Standard Time was redefined to last 8 hours ahead of GMT.

Why? During that time, East Malaysia was GMT +8.00 but West Malaysia was GMT +7.50 therefore Malaysia decided to standardize their fourth dimension to synchronize both regions. It would last awkward for Singapore to last the entirely i who's 7.5 hours ahead of GMT. So, Singapore changed their SST equally well!

4. Singapore is i of the final surviving city-states
Go figure! Singapore shares the same distinction amongst Monaco together with Vatican City. Being a city-state agency that at that topographic point is no upper-case missive of the alphabet metropolis because the soil is a metropolis inward itself.

5. Singapore has no lions!
Although dubbed equally the Lion City, at that topographic point were no lions always inward Singapore.


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