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Located at 244 South Bridge Road, inwards the Chinatown District of Singapore, Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple inwards the country. 

Speaking of oldest, Sri Mariamman Temple was founded inwards 1827 past times Naraina Pillai. He was a Tamil social entrepreneur as well as businessman  who spent almost of his life inwards Singapore during its colonial period. During the early on  17th century, the temple was initially allotted land inwards Telok Ayer Street together alongside the earliest Chinese as well as Muslim places of worship. However, dorsum then, Telok Ayer Street lacked a convenient source of fresh H2O which was needed for rituals inwards the Hindu Temple.
Check out the temple's gopuram
Can you lot spot the guy smoking a bong-like pipe?

Another site was offered close Stamford Canal inwards 1821 simply was i time again unsuitable because the solid reason was reserved for other uses. Finally, a site for erecting a Hindu Temple was granted to Pillai inwards 1823. This site is where the electrical current temple construction directly stands.
A closer hold back at the statues at the gopuram.

The showtime temple construction was made of woods as well as attap or a form of nipa palm.  It was finished inwards 1827. In the same twelvemonth Pillai installed the Sinna Amman or the modest representation of the goddess Mariamman which is the temple's main deity. The temple was built inwards the South Indian Dravidian architectural style.
Here's the history of Sri Mariamman Temple

A someone solid reason was donated to the temple inwards 1831 expanding the temple vicinity. More temple structures were built inwards the after business office of the 19th century. The three-tiered entrance tower or gopuram was constructed inwards 1903. It was rebuilt to a six-tiered gopuram inwards 1925 as well as the elaborate embellishment was hence added inwards the 1960s.
Here's a piffling hold back within the temple

The temple was declared a National Monument past times the Preservation of Monuments Board on July 6, 1973. Since then, the temple has undergone several restorative industrial plant as well as renovations. Today, Sri Mariamman Temple is i of the tourist highlights of the Chinatown district. 
Check out the colorful ceiling design

I got to catch the temple during our 2017 Singapore - Malaysia Tour. Sadly, I was non able to comprehend every corner of the temple due to the express fourth dimension nosotros had inwards Chinatown. Regardless, I highly advise that you lot catch as well as banking concern fit out this temple when you lot are inwards Singapore.

Getting there:

From Changi International Airport, ride the release 34 jitney going to Tampines East Station Exit. Ride a Downtown describe prepare going to Chinatown. From the Chinatown station, Sri Mariamman Temple is entirely 400 meters away past times foot.

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