Things to do in Singapore: Airasia Flying To Bangkok, June 2013

Here are roughly pictures from the outset fourth dimension nosotros e'er flew amongst AirAsia.  This was inwards June 2013, when nosotros took a brusk vacation to Bangkok.

Changi Airport, Terminal 1.

Check inwards counter.

No crowds when nosotros checked in.  This was rather odd as well as fifty-fifty the check-in staff told us so.  Be prepared for long lines at Changi for AirAsia.  This depression terms airline is doing very, really well!

Terminal 1.  Recently revamped.

Terminal one departures.

Flights to Bangkok were operated past times Thai Air Asia.  Same brand, exactly they induce got unlike companies.
Black leather seats.

FA showing us how to fasten topographic point belt.

Plane inwards the air.

Arrival at Don Muang.

See, all the AirAsia Flights.  Almost felt similar Don Muang was an Air Asia Airport. (AAA)

Flight dorsum from Bangkok to Singapore - Thai Air Asia uses Don Muang Airport, which is the former international airport.  We had to double-decker to the plane.  It was a really interesting experience, though I wonder what the province of affairs would live on similar if it were raining!

What was everybody looking at?  Well, at that topographic point was a storey on the runway, nearly to takeoff.

The livery is upbeat.  Check out the guy inwards cherry nether the plane.   It almost looks similar he was trying to manage agree upward the airplane!!

Onboard, hither was the menu, inwards Thai Baht.  The nutrient is non expensive, for plane-food.  Actually, compared to FlyScoot, the nutrient hither is cheap!

The Nasi Lemak tasted really decent.

I enjoyed it!

The flying from BKK dorsum to Singapore was 2.5 hours.  Enough fourth dimension for a nap.

Approaching Singapore, exactly this couplet isn't Singapore.

Safe travels everybody!

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