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FlyScoot to Bangkok

We are headed off to Bangkok (again) on a brusk household unit of measurement holiday.  Bangkok has instruct our favourite nearby destination, merely to accept a interruption from Singapore in addition to produce nothing.  Flight fourth dimension is 2.5 hours (actual flying fourth dimension alone 2 hours, but these days air traffic in addition to taxi-ing tin endure rather fourth dimension consuming too).

The terminal ii times to Bangkok, nosotros flew amongst FlyScoot.  Why?  Cheap fares. It toll $623 SGD supply for the 4 of us.  We did non purchase whatsoever meals in addition to no checked luggage outbound, but 20kg checked luggage coming dorsum to Singapore.

Fly Scoot to Bangkok - TZ 302 - Singapore Changi Airport.  The flying was scheduled for 1745hrs.  Very brusk lines for check-in.

Making our agency to the gate on a sunny afternoon.

Gate E8 - a long walk from immigration.  Good to stretch the legs though.  FlyScoot allocates seats, in addition to therefore at that topographic point is no take away to rush to board, unless yous take away to a greater extent than overhead luggage space.  Fortunately, the Boeing 777 has enough of overhead storage.

"Goin Scootin" volition accept us to Bangkok today.  Plane was loading food, though most passengers on board would non purchase the food.  We discovery FlyScoot nutrient to endure really expensive, in addition to non just expert to eat.

Where are yous Scooting to today?

Looks similar the plane was ready to go.

Flight Delay
Unfortunately, at that topographic point was a delay.  There was unopen to preventive maintenance go that had to endure done in addition to boarding was held dorsum past times most xx minutes. Fortunately, nosotros were non inwards a rush.  We had brought unopen to nutrient in addition to snacks, which nosotros dutifully consumed at the waiting gate, since FlyScoot's policy was non to permit external nutrient on board.

Delay again!
Boarding the Aircraft later the brusk delay.  We all got strapped inwards in addition to the plane was pushed dorsum from the gate.  Shortly after, the airplane pilot announced that nosotros had to croak dorsum to the gate because unopen to work cropped up.  He needed the the world engineer to accept a lot.  Oh well, to a greater extent than delays!

Here is the security card, Boeing 777-200.  Well, I gauge security first.  If at that topographic point is a technical work to endure fixed, amend ready it.  Don't endeavour to wing a faulty plane.

The menu.  You tin purchase nutrient on board.  Do so, alone if you're really hungry.

Finally, nosotros managed to instruct underway.  The plane took off almost 2 hours late.  We had been stuck inwards our seats for to a greater extent than than 1 hr earlier the plane took off.  Still, amend belatedly than never.

Short video of the legroom, or lack of, on the Scoot plane.

We possess got arrived inwards Bangkok, later a 2 hr delay. Flight landed at most 9pm local time, when it was scheduled to nation at 7pm local time.  Everybody was eager to instruct off, but the lines were orderly.

Once nosotros got into Bangkok international drome terminal, it was a really long walk to immigration.  Clearance was quite fast.  We didn't possess got checked-in luggage, in addition to therefore nosotros got out rather chop-chop in addition to went take away to Level 2 of the terminal to expect for food!  That would endure the dependent champaign of my side past times side post.

Overall Experience
Thus far, our sense amongst FlyScoot has been inexpensive fares but non a really expert on-time record.  Our maiden Scoot flying from Singapore to Sydney was also delayed past times 2 hours.  Of course, fares were cheap, compared to total service carriers.  Bottom-line is that if yous wing Scoot, endure mentally prepared for delays.

Also, expert to pick out along unopen to nutrient & H2O amongst you, peculiarly if yous possess got kids. Our kids e'er possess got their H2O bottles amongst them.  As for food, yes, yous are non supposed to eat on the plane.  However, they don't actually check.  Bring along easy-to-eat materials similar cereal bars, kit-kat, cookies inwards pocket-size packets etc.  I don't intend the attendants volition possess got whatsoever number if your kids snack on these piece on board.  (Of course, clear the mess up!)

Safe travels!!

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Bangkok has instruct our favourite nearby finish FlyScoot - Singapore to Bangkok - TZ 302Bangkok has instruct our favourite nearby finish FlyScoot - Singapore to Bangkok - TZ 302

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