Things to do in Singapore: Musings Of A X Twelvemonth Old

"Last black I dreamt nosotros lived inward an RV."

Yesterday morn at the US of America embassy, equally nosotros mitt over all our phones, watches, as well as bags to the safety guards, Eliot asks: "Are nosotros existence robbed?"

"Was that a expert cartwheel? Don't say me equally a Mom, but equally a normal person."

"Mom, this is the best dinner I always had... but that could equally good hold out because I am starving."

"Now I'm equally tall equally Alexander is when he's sitting down."

"Mom, we're edifice a parkour course of written report inward the living room."

Climbing Mount Everest, swimming across the English linguistic communication channel, running the Boston marathon... "What nearly existence a motion painting star as well as having your cite inward lights on your door, Alexander?...Is that equally good on your budget list?" 

"What is a play a joke on question?" (Wait, is that a play a joke on question?)

"If nosotros were both inward heaven, could I discovery you?"

"Does Santa Claus come upward when you're inward college? " Yes Eliot, it's called tuition.


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