Destinations and Things to do in Singapore : 4 Days Inwards Tokyo - Our Itinerary For A Draw Solid Unit Of Measurement Trip - Twenty-Four Lx Minutes Menstruum 4

Unlike Haneda Airport, which is about the middle of Tokyo, Narita Airport is inwards the Chiba area, nigh lx kms from the middle of Tokyo, as well as Earth carry journeying takes at to the lowest degree an lx minutes to accomplish the destination.

As a taxi ride inwards Tokyo is non cheap, nosotros were forced to create this trip yesteryear world carry and, to teach to the drome yesteryear 7am, would endure a really hard procedure to do, peculiarly for those who, similar us, go inwards family, alongside a vii years one-time child.

So, our concluding twenty-four hours inwards Tokyo had the peculiarity of having the trip to Narita. But before that trip, nosotros soundless tried to create the most of the day, as well as the commencement mensuration was going to Senso-ji Temple.

Senso-ji Temple

The Senso-ji Temple is i of the "brand images" of Tokyo as well as in all likelihood the most famous temple of the city, as well as the oldest, as well as our twenty-four hours began alongside that visit.
And this is undoubtedly a beautiful temple, impressive, whit complimentary entrance but, nosotros are forced to tell that also the busiest as well as noisy that nosotros visited inwards Tokyo, which didn't allow us to properly appreciate the beauty of the place. The charm as well as peace that nosotros felt inwards other temples is hard to endure felt there, which left us a trivial disappointed alongside the visit, despite beingness a beautiful identify to visit.

Nakamise Dori

In the immediate vicinity of the Temple is Nakamise Dori Street, where y'all tin honor diverse shops selling typical Japanese items. It is a skillful walk to produce as well as nosotros ended upwardly having luncheon inwards this expanse but, it is a to a greater extent than tourist oriented identify as well as unlike from what nosotros experience most of the fourth dimension inwards Tokyo.

Asahi Beer Hall

Next nosotros went to view the exterior of the Asahi Beer Hall (also known equally Super Dry Hall or Flamme d'Or). This edifice is i of the headquarters of the Asahi Breweries, which is located along the Sumida River. Designed yesteryear French designer Philippe Starck and, completed inwards 1989, it is i of the most well-known modern buildings inwards Tokyo.
We alone saw the exterior of the edifice but, it is possible to know the interior as well as fifty-fifty sample local beers. You tin honor out to a greater extent than information yesteryear consulting the official website here.

Tokyo Sky Tree

Another of Tokyo's most well-known modern structures is the Tokyo Sky Tree, as well as although it wasn't inwards our plans to climb, nosotros took the chance to run into it closely. If y'all want to know to a greater extent than information nigh prices as well as schedules to visit, you tin consult the official website here.

You tin run into our itineray for that commencement run of the twenty-four hours on google maps here.

Ueno Park

After this visit, nosotros took the subway scheme to view the Ueno Park inwards Taito. This green is famous for the hanani festivities, when the Japanese as well as thousands of tourists come upwardly together to contemplate the ruby-red blossoms.
The ruby-red blossoms is an final result that occurs inwards the jump period, as well as unfortunately didn't coincide alongside the menstruum of our occupation solid unit of measurement trip to Tokyo. But soundless it's a green that deserves your view at whatsoever fourth dimension of the year. Within its perimeter, at that topographic point is the famous Ueno Zoo, that childrens love, as well as several museums (paid entrance), but strolling through the garden is complimentary as well as non to endure missed inwards your occupation solid unit of measurement trip to Tokyo.


After the view to the park, nosotros took the develop to Narita, whose station is correct side yesteryear side to i of the entrances to the park. In particular, nosotros took Keisei Ueno Station to Kensei Line inwards the direction of Narita, on a develop journeying of nigh 1h30, which allows y'all to run into the surround of Tokyo.

Narita-San Shinsho-ji Temple

After leaving the bags at our hotel and, to bask the concluding hours inwards Japan, nosotros went to view the Narita-San Shinsho-ji Temple, that is to a greater extent than than 1000 years old!

The Narita-San Shinsho-ji Temple was a swell surprise because it was non run of our initial plans and, nosotros didn't know what to expect. And, this is a truly huge, impressive temple, as well as nosotros produce non know how it commonly is, but equally nosotros went at that topographic point at the goal of the day, nosotros had the infinite practically for us, argue why it was possible to appreciate all the beauty as well as peace of it. We loved as well as it was a swell surprise for the goal of our trip inwards Tokyo. The side yesteryear side twenty-four hours would endure destined to select grip of a bird as well as travel.

You tin see Narita-San Shinsho-ji Temple localization on google maps here.

We promise y'all bask your occupation solid unit of measurement trip to Tokyo and, don't forget to go out your comment as well as part our 
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