Destinations and Things to do in Singapore : 24-Hour Interval Iii Inwards Iceland - From Hella To Hofn (350 Kms).

We had a large twenty-four hours ahead of us so, nosotros woke upwards early, had our slap-up breakfast at Lax-á East Rangá Lodge and, headed direct to Seljalandsfoss waterfall (25 kms).
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall- This is a pretty cool waterfall and, its only close the route 1, too thence its impossible to miss. Its accessible for everyone and, y'all volition non direct keep whatsoever work going whit your child. The H2O falls from over lx meters and, it’s possible to walk behind the waterfall. It volition live on a slap-up house for pictures but, y'all volition live on wet, for shore. There are facilities close the waterfall.

Don’t forget to halt to tell Hi to the lovely too friendly Icelandic horses, too to run into the sometime houses.

Skógafoss Waterfall- We continued our trip to Skógafoss Waterfall (10 Kms), that is equally good close route 1 (that’s 1 of the coolest tings most the trip, that there’s too thence much to run into only close the road).  Its 1 of the most beutifull waterfalls of Iceland, whit lx high and, if y'all are lucky (we were), y'all are presented whit a lovely rainbow. There’s a walking path close the waterfall, too it’s possible to climb up. That its no too thence piece of cake whit a child, too thence nosotros didn’t practise it.

Its really piece of cake to teach there, y'all tin easily commons and, here’s a goodness advice. There’s a modest restaurant/caravan, only close the parking, called Sveitagrill Míu -Mia's Country Grill and, has a slap-up Fish-and-ships. If y'all are a fan, similar nosotros are, it’s a slap-up house to swallow too teach dorsum to the route again.

Dyrhólaey- We drove to Dyrhólaey (17 kms), close Vik. It’s a modest peninsula alongside a 120 meters high cliff. We went at that spot to run into puffins but, nosotros sow exclusively one.  But over at that spot y'all direct keep a magnifying stance of the dark sand beach, the cliffs, etc. You tin equally good run into the lighthouse create past times a famous Icelandic architect, Guðjón Samúelsson. It’s was too thence windy so, live on really careful, specially whit kids.

Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon- Just 48 kms ahead, y'all volition detect the Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon. It’s a lagoon inwards the cease of  Vatnajokull  glacier, too y'all tin run into a lot of floating glaciers. Its beautiful but, for us, the best business office was nonetheless to come. eleven kms ahead of us, nosotros arrived to the deep glacial lagoon: Jökulsárlón.  Here nosotros are at the at the lowest request of Iceland, too 1 of the most beautiful. In hither there’s e'er a bunch of icebergs slowing floating toward the sea. The icebergs are a mixture of white too babe blueish and, it’s a magical place. For shore y'all already seen it a lot of movies, only similar James Bond or Lara Croft.

There y'all direct keep the possibility of doing a boat tour on the lagoon, but nosotros didn’t practise it. We went to the beach. After the bridge, y'all plough to your correct and, later on a few meters, commons the automobile too teach neat the see. You volition run into the remanding’s of the iceberg floating inwards the see, standing on a dark body of body of water beach. The beach is total of the balance of icebergs and, its some other magical house to see.

Hofn- The twenty-four hours was long and, later on that nosotros drove to Hofn (90 kms), were nosotros woods slumber for the night.  Hofn is a prissy city. And its famous for his langoustine dishes. We swallow at kaffi hornið, impossible non to find, on your left when arriving to Hofn, It’s a goodness repast but, expensive. But, inwards Iceland, it’s difficult non to be…


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