Destinations and Things to do in Singapore : Ane Solar Daytime Inward Reykjavik - Itinerary

So, this is the Non Stop Family plan, that nosotros made to acquire the best of the city. We arrived at the metropolis at 11h00 in addition to drove for a footling while, in addition to hence halt at 1 of the most beautiful places of Reykjavik, the Solfar Lord's Day Voyager, located side past times side to the Sæbraut road. The ocean is hence calm and, despite you lot are simply close 1 of the chief roads of the city, its hence quiet. Stay there, simply looking at the ocean and, you lot volition endure already inwards honey whit the city.

After that, nosotros went to Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre. It’s a 5-minute walk. It’s a recent in addition to real pretty building, whit colored drinking glass façade, inspired past times the basalt landscape of Iceland. We didn’t acquire within but, its real prissy to walk around, simply beside the sea.
We catch the motorcar in addition to headed to the Church Hallgrímskirkja. It’s the tallest edifice inwards Republic of Iceland and, simply for that, its impressive. It’s a cool identify to see, the interior is real minimalist, simply similar a lot of tings on Iceland.  Just exterior the Church is the Statue of Leif Erikson, 1 Icelandic explorer that is known for beingness the starting fourth dimension European to acquire to North America.
The surrounding common is free, hence nosotros acquire out the motorcar parked for the day, acquire our luggage’s in addition to went to the Hostel, on Laugavegur Street, simply 500 meters walk.  Being a pocket-size city, nosotros tin flaming easily walk to almost every identify and, that’s real comfortable for the ones who honey to walk on a city.

On our agency to the hostel, nosotros piece of job past times on Skolavordustigur Street, that is known for beingness the prettiest street of Reykjavik. After that, you lot acquire to Laugavegur, acquire out our bags and, when to explore Laugavegur. Check the stores and, for the ones that desire to taste the nighttime life, here’s the identify to endure to.  After that, you lot acquire downwards the street to meet Lækjargata Street and, banking firm jibe on the Prime Minister’s Office.
After that, you lot acquire to a “must see” place, Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, the best hot domestic dog inwards the metropolis and, for approximately people, the best of the world. We consume in addition to loved, a lot. So did Bill Clinton in addition to members of Metallica.

See this cool video that talks nearly the experience:

After you lot create amount it upward whit hot dogs, you lot tin flaming acquire to Austurvöllur, the oldest foursquare of the metropolis in addition to banking firm jibe at the statue of Jón Sigurdsson, the 1 that receive Republic of Iceland to the independence of Denmark. There you lot tin flaming too see Alþingishús, the novel Parliament, in addition to Domkirkjan, the oldest church building of the town.   



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