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Cascais is a Portuguese hamlet yesteryear the sea, whose beauty too charm has been increasingly discovered yesteryear those who see Portugal and, peculiarly Lisbon. Within a brusque distance of Lisbon, most thirty kilometers away, it is becoming to a greater extent than frequent amidst visitors to Lisbon to exercise a twenty-four lx minutes menses trip to know its wonders. Wonders such similar the historical buildings linked to Portuguese Royalty, the streets total of charm, equally good equally its fabulous beaches, located inward the pump of the "Portuguese Riviera". 
These qualities brand the cost of housing amidst the most expensive values ​​in Europe and, no wonder, because its beauty is enormous. Cascais tin easely go a finish for several days of holidays yesteryear the sea, but is also perfect for a twenty-four lx minutes menses trip from Lisbon. In whatever case, its proximity to Lisbon makes it easily accessible, whether for the private traveler or a household unit of measurement trip.

As nosotros know it is of import to organize a trip, peculiarly when traveling amongst children, nosotros desire to help you lot invention your trip and, if possible, help salve on your move budget. This is because this is a finish where the offering of tours is vast but also mostly to a greater extent than expensive than the offers nosotros propose. Therefore, the 2 possibilities that nosotros volition refer to instruct to Cascais from Lisbor are yesteryear Train too Car. We volition non cite the motorcar option, equally you lot volition go forced to pass to a greater extent than time, it is to a greater extent than complicated too offers no advantage. 

From Lisbon to Cascais yesteryear Train

This is our principal proposition for anyone wishing to movement from Lisbon to Cascais. In add-on to the route, taking you lot through wonderful landscapes along the Tagus River too the Atlantic Ocean, is the most convenient, quick too inexpensive option. 

You tin come across the whole trip on this youtube video:

How to accept the train

Catching the prepare is easy, too the journeying relatively quick, simply about thirty minutes. To exercise this, you lot should become to the Cais exercise Sodré station (see the exact place inward google maps here). There, you lot volition accept the prepare from the Cascais line, towards the hamlet amongst the same name, which corresponds to a ticket of zone 4, amongst the cost of € 2.25 for 2018 each trip for adult, too € 1.15 for children of 4 at 12 years (you tin consult the cost updated

The cost should go charged to your Viva Viagem ticket, which costs € 0.50 too you lot tin entirely bear ane ticket at a time, therefore you lot should render to the same performance on your return. 

You tin purchase the ticket at the ticket offices of the station or using the loading machines that are inward the station, which furnish loading inward diverse languages. For to a greater extent than information on how to purchase too purpose the Viva Viagem card, come across

It is non possible to instruct your ticket online before, but at that topographic point is no danger that the tickets volition run out and, during the day, waiting times for a prepare rarely transcend the xv minutes because it is a prepare that industrial plant amongst peachy regularity go used non entirely yesteryear those who see Portugal, but also yesteryear the locals equally a privileged agency of accessing the pump of Lisbon.

Suggestion: Since a peachy component of the course of written report is carried out along the banks of the Tagus River too the Atlantic Ocean, inward social club to accept ameliorate payoff of the view, nosotros suggest that on the way to Cascais, sit down on the left side of the prepare towards your finish and, on the way back, exercise the opposite. 

How to instruct to Cais exercise Sodré Train Station

Cais exercise Sodré Train Station is located nigh Lisbon's Baixa, a petty to a greater extent than than a kilometer from Terreiro exercise Paço, therefore you lot tin accept this route on foot.
If you lot are to a greater extent than distant, what nosotros recommend is the purpose of the Metro, where the final station of the Green Line, Cais exercise Sodré, has guide connecter amongst the Railway Station. If you lot desire to become from the drome straight to Cascais, you lot own got to accept the Metro at the Lisbon Airport Metro Station, become through the Red Line to Alameda Station too and therefore accept the Green Line towards Cais exercise Sodré. There is also the possibility of purchasing the "Traveling all Lisboa" ticket. This is a peachy possibility for those who desire to walk about Lisbon too come across Sintra too Cascais.

For € 10.40 (2018 price, for to a greater extent than detailed information come across here) you lot tin purchase amongst your Viva Viagem. And the ticket "Traveling all Lisbon", too allowing you lot to move yesteryear all trains, buses too metros of Lisbon, withal allows you lot to purpose the prepare to Sintra too Cascais, beingness able to become out too render whenever you lot want, wherever you lot want.

By motorcar to Cascais

Although this is a really frequent pick for locals, peculiarly on summertime weekends, when they brand the most of the proficient conditions to savour the beaches of Cascais, this is a solution that nosotros exercise non recommend.

In fact, renting a motorcar to instruct to know Lisbon is rarely the best option. Besides beingness hard too expensive to common a car, it is to a greater extent than confusing too tiring, too Lisbon is really good served yesteryear populace transport. Like Lisbon, also inward Cascais inward the summer, it volition belike go really hard to common too sometimes the traffic queues brand traveling hard to go pleasant. We entirely recommend it if your invention is to extend your see to other attractions inward the area. In this case, the motorcar may go the best pick but nosotros advise you lot to start your twenty-four lx minutes menses early, to avoid the hours of traffic too to brand the most of your day.


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