Destinations and Things to do in Singapore : River Safari , An Underwater Experience

River Safari at is Asia's outset in addition to exclusively river-themed wild animals park. Built over 12 hectares of land, the aquarium is ane of its kinds inwards Asia in addition to comprises freshwater attractions in addition to offers river boat rides. The river zoo comprises diverse exploratory rivers, Giant Panda forest, wild Amazonia, dining options in addition to shopping outlets. 

The river safari makes live on around of the biggest in addition to famous waterways of the the world similar Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Murray, Mekong in addition to Yangtze rivers. Here yous tin hand the axe bask around groovy views of the underwater H2O beast & establish life. Catch a glimpse of the beavers, paddlefish in addition to alligator gar at the Mississippi river, terminate at the Congo River in addition to larn to come across the puffer fish. While the River Nile comprises sharp-toothed tiger fish, in addition to finned birchir, the Ganges River is dwelling to diverse creatures similar Indian gharial, soft trounce turtle, in addition to goonch catfish. The Murray River of Commonwealth of Australia introduces yous to barramundi, Australian lungfish, robber crab, in addition to the largest freshwater fish of Commonwealth of Australia (Murray cod). Moreover, equally yous caput towards the Mekong River, yous tin hand the axe come upwardly across the Mekong catfish, in addition to giant freshwater stingray. The Yangtze River is dwelling to the giant salamander, the largest amphibian inwards the world. 

After all these interesting river zones, comes the Giant Panda Forest. The wood provides a naturalistic habitat to the famous panda twosome Kai Kai & Jia Jia from China. The golden pheasants & ruby pandas are the other wild animals here. The Amazon River Quest takes visitors to the mysterious South American river comprising wild animals from the largest tropical rainforest of the world. The Squirrel Monkey Forest in addition to Amazon Flooded Forest are the other amazing highlights of the river zoo at . 


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