Destinations and Things to do in Singapore : Krabi Town, Ao Nang Or Railay? Where To Stay?

Having made the booking of the bird trip to Krabi, nosotros chop-chop works life that the pick of where to rest would soundless atomic number 82 to a novel decision, since the vast offering included hotels inwards Krabi Town, Ao Nang, every bit good every bit Railay. So, nosotros started to search to larn every bit much information every bit possible, nosotros besides beak to anyone who had already been at that topographic point as well as now, later on our provide from Thailand, nosotros would similar to part the information as well as our opinion, inwards the promise that nosotros tin aid y'all choose.

So, earlier nosotros talked nigh our choice, nosotros want to plow over some information nigh the 3 destinations referred to, namely Krabi Town, Ao Nang as well as Railay which, although non far away, offering dissimilar attractions for those who take in them.

Krabi Town

It can,t live said to live the most beautiful metropolis inwards Thailand, but what nosotros experience inwards it is that nosotros are non inwards a house destined for tourists, thence it retains an authenticity that nosotros suggest y'all to know and, especially, to take in its markets, inwards special nightly as well as held on Fridays as well as Saturdays.
This is the easiest as well as cheapest house to larn to as well as from the airport, as well as past times exploring the dissimilar hotel booking sites nosotros works life that the prices were the lowest when compared to Ao Nang as well as Railay. It is besides easier to attain some famous attractions, such every bit the Emerald Pool as well as Tiger Cave, however, to larn to the whatsoever beach, y'all must e'er larn past times transport, every bit at that topographic point is no beach close by. If y'all want expert accommodation, for depression prices, as well as experience the atmosphere of a Thai city, this volition in all likelihood live your place.

Ao Nang

Although non a large city, it has a expert movement of people, but nosotros didn’t felt surrounded past times crowds. Its streets are arranged, it is a construct clean metropolis and, at the grade of the restaurants, it has a broad offer, every bit good every bit tour operators. It is really slowly to brand shopping’s inwards the diverse street shops that are located close the body of body of water as well as the main streets, every bit good every bit y'all volition detect numerous possibilities to telephone commutation money, every bit good every bit having a expert offering on nightlife, amongst a lot of bars as well as alive music.

Although Ao Nang isn't the most beautiful beach y'all volition run across throughout your rest inwards Thailand, it is the 1 that offers to a greater extent than deals on the grade of stay, amongst really affordable accommodation prices as well as a slap-up value for your money, everything beingness really organized inwards lodge to conveniently have the visitor.
At the tour operator grade it is the best house to stay, every bit the offering is huge as well as y'all volition non have got whatsoever difficulty scheduling your tour to your favorite finish every bit good every bit owning several dive schools.

At the grade of wellness care, at that topographic point is a expert offering that, if y'all are traveling amongst children, it is e'er of import as well as y'all tin experience safe. It’s besides slowly to larn Krabi Airport create here.


In Railay y'all volition undoubtedly detect the most beautiful beaches inwards the area. In fact, this peninsula is all paradisiacal and, if y'all want perfect beaches as well as resorts, this is your place. It is besides really famous for beingness a paradise for climbers, amongst perfect places to practice, such every bit its calcareous walls that attract climbers from all over the world. In addition, kayak tours are besides famous on their waters, something nosotros strongly recommend that y'all create but, e'er taking into describe of piece of employment organisation human relationship the atmospheric condition conditions.

But, what looks similar the perfect house to stay, has some disadvantages. The showtime is that, because is surrounded past times beautiful limestone mountains, it’s exclusively accessible past times boats, which depart ofttimes from Ao Nang as well as the port of Krabi, which volition e'er delay your arrival at your concluding finish and, don’t operate 24 hours a day.
Please complaint that if y'all larn inwards belatedly at Krabi Airport, y'all may non have got a boat to have got y'all to Railay. During our rest inwards Ao Nang, the lastly boat that lea,ve Railay was at 5:30 p.m. as well as on 1 of the days due to a stronger tempest (which occurs frequently), nosotros fright nosotros volition non live able to provide to our finish due to the impossibility of the boat leaving the pear.

In our locomote to Krabi, nosotros arrived at aerodrome approximately 9:00 p.m., thence nosotros knew nosotros couldn’t larn to Railay that night, thence nosotros seat that aside. Please complaint that if y'all select to rest inwards Railay, mass at to the lowest degree 4 hours earlier your divergence to larn to the aerodrome and, inwards the effect of a thunderstorm, reckon staying the lastly nighttime inwards Ao Nang or Krabi , to avoid the possibility of beingness held inwards Railay.

Railay has a break of character hotels as well as restaurants but amongst higher prices than inwards Ao Nang. It besides has a reasonable attain of tour operators that volition permit y'all to attain the places y'all want to visit, every bit good every bit beingness a perfect location for stone climbing.

Our choice

As nosotros said, the 3 hypotheses have got dissimilar attractions, thence your pick should e'er live linked to your ain interests. What works for some is non necessarily what others are looking for.

In our case, every bit y'all know, nosotros locomote inwards family, thence at that topographic point is e'er a pick directed to what is best for those who locomote amongst children, namely nosotros e'er have got the concern that is every bit prophylactic every bit possible, to avoid unnecessary travels and, slowly access to nutrient as well as wellness care.
As Krabi was away from whatsoever beach, nosotros didn’t want to live e'er making unnecessary trips, nosotros seat aside this possibility at first, thence nosotros had to select betwixt Ao Nang as well as Railay.

We are obliged to state that Ao Nang, despite beingness a beautiful, huge beach, doesn’t compare to the beauty of Railay, but the fact of beingness secluded as well as exclusively accessible past times boat, led us to opt for Ao Nang. As nosotros mentioned, the fact that nosotros arrived inwards Krabi at nighttime volition non permit us to larn to a hotel inwards Railay that nighttime and, changing hotels the adjacent twenty-four hr menses was non a desired option.

Another wages inwards favor of Ao Nang is the cost of lodging, where nosotros were been able to detect lower priced hotels, amongst really expert quality, when compared to Railay. Ao Nang besides offers much to a greater extent than nutrient as well as restaurants options, markets as well as local shopping’s, every bit good every bit wellness care, which have got influenced our decision.

After the trip, nosotros tin state that this was, inwards our opinion, the best decision. Ao Nang has a lot to offering to anyone visiting this business office of Thailand and, y'all volition easily take in Krabi (especially its nighttime markets) as well as Railay, your paradisiacal house later on y'all been there. From Ao Nang y'all volition besides live able to take in the famous Thailand’s Islands, similar the Phi Phi, amongst Maya Bay, Chicken Island, James Bond…


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