Destinations and Things to do in Singapore: [Fashion] Linenme Vogue Demo Amongst Elle In Addition To Muji

Muji Linen inwards Me fashion present together with workshop amongst Jayne Tham together with ELLE Singapore happened end Wed amongst the novel unloose of their linen serial for Spring/Summer 2015.  

Linen has been a favorite textile that is lasting together with highly breathable similar a mo skin. Every fourth dimension yous operate together with launder it, the textile gets softer together with its texture improved. Extremely durable, Linen tin fifty-fifty lasts decades when cared for correctly. Available inwards Men's, Ladies', Kids' together with accessories series, the Muji Linen inwards Me collection is comfortable inwards our hot together with humid weather, keeping us cool at the same time. 

See how their latest collection piece of employment out to compliment your daily looks. True to Muji's regulation to move on things simple, the outcome is relaxing and exudes a chic vibe. Casual yet presentably good looking for every occasion.  Scroll downwards for the presentation

Here's the pretty Jayne Tham amongst her i slice French Linen S/S Dress $69 from the this novel collection.

Renowned show producer together with stylist, Jerome Awasthi likewise went on phase to present guests how nosotros tin easily incorporate the Linen In Me serial into our daily lives.  

One of the fun things yous tin await from the Linen In Me serial is the mightiness to layer on the pieces. As the textile are actually lite together with soft together with effort absorbent, it makes layering tardily together with fashionable inwards our sunny weather.

Head on to the MUJI Singapore website for only about Linen shopping deeds available at all MUJI stores

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