Things to do in Singapore: [Cafe Hopping Inwards Singapore] Harry's Bar Brunch? Anyone? (Raffles Place)

You select known Harry's Bar every bit a... well, bar alongside endless rounds of drinks as well as alcohols during your TGIF nighttime out. However, at i time it's fourth dimension for a novel face-lift every bit Harry's Bar introduces the novel breakfast menu. Located correct inwards the hearts of Raffles Place, there's at i time no agency yous should hold out missing out on breakfast when a popular downwards to Harry's Bar brings yous European comfort food. With gorgeous sentiment past times the river, overlooking skyscrapers and the ever looming landscapes of Boat Quay, this place calls for a relaxing chill out inwards the early on forenoon s before the kickoff of a hectic day.

Thanks to OpenRice Sg, nosotros had the chance to seek out their latest breakfast menu.

Croissant Croque Monsieur ($12)
What amend agency to kickoff your 24-hour interval than to indulge alongside exactly about buttery soft breadstuff to create amount upward on your carbo? Flaky, lite as well as fluffy croissant sandwiched alongside ham as well as melted cheese. Topped with
béchamel sauce for subtle hits of sweetness. There were non much béchamel sauce which peradventure has seeped into the croissant. Despite this, this serving was i of my favorites.
Comes alongside a balsamic uncomplicated salad.

Say Morning to warm fluffy muffins! ($2.90) each.
The of import essence of muffins, for me, are to select them hot piece they are all the same crusty on the top.  That was exactly how Harry's muffins were.
Another beloved of mine, these muffins were non overly sugariness as well as exactly nice.

 Raspberry as well as Cheese.
Raspberry bits flare-up alongside melting cheese.

Banana as well as Peanut Butter Muffin.

This was our favorite mixed alongside the creamy soft peanut butter as well as banana. 

Raisins as well as Walnuts.

These were slightly drier as well as didn't brand much impression.

Granny Smith.

Apple crumble alongside apple tree bits hidden within, making a practiced pick every bit well!

Chicken Pot Pie ($12)
Need exactly about creamy soup to warm your stomach?
 Break into the flaky seat crust as well as dig into a soup of your choice.

We had the Creamy Chicken as well as vegetables version. Yummy soup to larn alongside the pie.

Another version would hold out the Mushroom as well as Potatoes alongside Vegetables.

 Soft Boiled Eggs & Marmite Soldiers ($7)
Everyone's favourite soft boiled egg goes absolutely good alongside the crispy savory cheese toast, spread alongside Marmite. We beloved this uncomplicated goodness. Marmite attack!

Loving your eggs for breakfast?

You can't immature adult woman the Fry Ups.
Left: Vegetables Fry up. Right: Ham, Bacon as well as Mushroom Fry Up ($13)

Start your 24-hour interval alongside a nutritious create amount upward alongside sunny-sides upward mixed inwards alongside beans, mushrooms, tomatoes as well as peas, served alongside sourdough.

This version was much nicer.

The Ham, Bacon as well as Mushroom Fry Up on the other mitt was much saltier as well as nosotros would much prefered if the seasoning hold out reduced every bit the cured meat were already salty on their own.

The agency to had them is to intermission the egg yolk as well as soak them on the sourdough as well as then every bit to soften the toast as well as makes it easier to select them all mixed upward together. 

Cranberry Juice ($6). 

Not pure juices, but only a cooling thirst quencher to accompaniment the yummy hearty breakfast at Harry's Bar. 
Coffees, Lattes, Espresso are available every bit well.

Harry's Bar amount Breakfast Menu as well as it’s available from 8 – 10.30am, vii days a week, available for Dine-In as well as Takeaway.

Only valid at the Boat Quay outlet! 
Have a tummy-filling 24-hour interval ahead! 

28 Boat Quay

6337 0657

Intsgram: @Harrysbarsg


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