Things to do in Singapore: [Food Review] +39 Gelato Bar ( Raffles Place)

Housed inwards a heritage store house, +39 Gelato Bar prides itself inwards serving the get-go live, state-
of-the-art gelato concept inwards the Asia Pacific region. Lovingly made fresh every day, the unlike gelato flavours are 100% natural, using premium too exquisite ingredients sourced both locally too from the dwelling of gelato, Italy. +39 Gelato Bar ensures that no added flavorings, colours, preservatives or chemic additives are added to continue upward amongst gelato’s reputation every bit a 100% good for y'all too delectable pleasance (Only natural stabiliser is used here).

It's non difficult to spot them amongst the prominent gelato cone correct exterior the shopfront.

Gelato flavors of the twenty-four hr catamenia differs daily too volition live listed at the counter.

Step correct into this boutique-styled gelato bar is at its finest amongst its clean-cut homely deco yet rewarding customers amongst a wallet-friendly pricing.

Here, nosotros conduct Jacopo Quaglia, Director & Gelato Coach at +39 Gelato Bar Gelato who gave us a brief on the beginning too 'benefits'  of gelato are. To quote Jacopo, he compared gelato every bit akin to 'Pill nutrient without having to chew too but permit your hear fly'. That's the gelato sense  +39 Gelato Bar wants y'all to move out amongst past times the fourth dimension y'all measuring out of the shop. 

and nosotros had Stefano Cadorin; gelato chef of +39 Gelato Bar every bit good amongst us. 

We were side past times side treated to some real interesting alive demonstrations of their gelato creation.
Using state-of-the-art IdeaTre machine from Carpigiani, the manufacturer of world-class gelato equipment has been brought into Asia for the real get-go fourth dimension too y'all tin ship away straightaway witness the combination of the highest character ingredients mixed too frozen correct into the smoothest, finest most delicious gelato inwards Singapore.

These are the IdeaTre machine behind the polish cool gelato.

Vanilla Gelato from +39 Gelato Bar are made purely from Vanilla Beans amongst no added vanilla essence whatsoever.

I tiddler y'all non for their gelato were actually velvety smooth, just swallow too savor the delectable flavors. Put the gelato inwards your oral fissure too it melts to heaven.
Gelato needs to live create fresh daily too here's a tip: if y'all run across a 'mountain' of gelato on display inwards stores, they are in all likelihood non real fresh every bit gelato tin ship away exclusively live kept fresh for three days.

Each day, exclusively pocket-size volumes are produced to ensure freshness. 
Quality assurance. 

We FELL IN LOVE amongst the Creamy, cool texture of the gelato.
This gustatory modality was actually something I conduct non tasted inwards Singapore. Yet.
Now y'all tin ship away teach your Italian Gelato create correct at home, isn't it awesome that the skillful people from Itaty are lastly hither to convey us authentic creations. Thank YOU!

Do y'all know?
In Europe, Gelato artisans brand gelato nutritious too oftentimes conduct gelato every bit a repast replacement! Sounds wonderful right?! Of course of pedagogy Asians are yet non used to this persuasion yet but Jacopo went on to explicate how the nutrients come upward about: Cream provides fats, fruits provides fiber, nuts poly peptide too of course of pedagogy there's sugar. Aren't y'all happy now? 

Good intelligence for ladies: Gelatos are less fattening than H2O ice cream amongst 10% lesser cream too butter. Rejoice for more!!

Meanwhile the chefs were inwards the midst of creating the Frozen Aperol Spritz Sorbet.

Of course, this creation involves Aperol- an Italian Spirit amongst 11% alcohol content. 

Topped amongst the sorbet too at that topographic point y'all conduct it! Served by Jacopo ( He's actually friendly inwards fact. :P)

The Frozen Cocktail range, which includes the Frozen Aperol Spritz, is selling at $14 (before GST) per serving. During Happy Hours (daily, 6-8pm ), it is going for $10 nett. 
Take Heed for some early on Cheers! 

Next up, nosotros had the Waffles amongst 2 scoops of gelato.
Selling at $13 (before GST).

There y'all conduct it!! 

The aesthetically pleasing Waffles amongst Gelato!! Definitely Instagram-able. 
Here nosotros conduct the mango too chocolate flavors.
What's hence especial y'all say?
The awesomeness lies inwards the Waffles! Unlike most which plow soggy when inwards contact amongst H2O ice creams, their waffles rest crisp too fluffy warm amongst the gelato. Keep upward the skillful work. too foursquare shaped waffles definitely plant for me.
Next combination is the Hazelnut too Pistachio which was a delightful happiness combo of my favorite flavors amongst +39 Gelato Bar. 
Of course of pedagogy the accompaniment amongst the yummy waffles assistance too.

Another artisanal gelato creation. 

Creative selections on the card also includes the Gelato Sandwich (1 scoop at S$8.50+ , 2 scoops at S$11.50+).

Met the lovely gals- Jas, Jessie too Meryl too had a corking fourth dimension amongst them. 

Here's the pricing menu...

AND... if y'all tin ship away gain amongst some GREAT OFFERS,
Here's a BUY 2 GET 1 DISCOUNT COUPON for you!!!
Simply Flash this at the counter earlier 31st APRIL 2015! ( I conduct posted this on Instagram every bit well, precisely follow me too flash this picture)
 I tin ship away exclusively tell y'all hence much but y'all conduct to come upward sense for yourself the sweet, heavenly gustatory modality of Italian, fresh gelato. Anyway amongst the blazing sun, y'all could gain amongst a cooling treat, large on gustatory modality too less burden on your body. The selection would be- GELATO from +39 Gelato Bar. :D

Share amongst me your gelato experience after y'all conduct tried them out okay?
The creators of +39 Gelato, Jacopo and Stefano are ever at the counter serving you, hence if y'all conduct whatever feedbacks or comments, utter to them too they volition live to a greater extent than than happy to listen.

Chill, sit down in, conduct a gelato too forget all your troubles. 

Below from left: Pistachio, Hazelnut too Strawberry Cinnamon. Many other tempting flavors to select from.

Flavors alter daily, hence y'all never know what y'all volition get. Everyday is a surprise really.

Follow +39 Gelato Bar on Social:

Instagram: @PLUS39GELATO

No. 29, Circular Road, Singapore 049385 
Mondays through Saturdays from 11am to 11pm.


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