Things to do in Singapore: [Media Invite] Ben & Jerry’S Flagship Opens At 313 Somerset & Samantha Lee Says Hi!

Ben & Jerry’s has opened its real ain Flagship Scoop Shop at 313 Somerset Discovery Walk on vii Apr 2015. In celebration of this memorable day, the skillful one-time folks  out gratis scoops of H2O ice cream from 2pm-8pm.  Opening-day-only especial flavors similar Turtle Cheesecake in addition to Seven Layer Coconut Bar were also served. 

Ben & Jerry’s Flagship Scoop Shop volition boast an expanded carte du jour where i tin select from xviii euphoric H2O ice cream flavors, novel carte du jour additions, in addition to an expanded hit of merchandise. Staying truthful to providing fans the best possible H2O ice cream made inwards the nicest possible way, 

Ben & Jerry’s is also taking values-led sourcing local. Bakery items similar brownies in addition to cookies in addition to herbs similar mint volition endure supplied yesteryear social enterprises, SCORE Bakery nether the Yellow Ribbon Project in addition to Edible Garden City which champions the Grow Your Own Food movement inwards land-scarce in addition to import-dependent Singapore.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 new Benefit Tuesday Night programme, exclusive to the flagship, volition run on a Tuesday every month, allowing diverse local welfare organisations to engage the populace on their causes. Ben & Jerry’s volition donate 20% of sales during the 7pm – 9pm event to featured social mission partners.

So Remember to dine inwards Ben & Jerry's  to brand your Moollah operate for charitable causes. 

It's no slow feat beingness a scooper equally I had my become at beingness a Ben & Jerry's Scooper Trouper at their Free Cone Day inwards 2014. Click to read on my experiences.
Kudos to all the scoopers in addition to staff of Ben & Jerry's for the opening that day! 

In addition, nosotros were privileged to endure role of the exclusive H2O ice cream creation workshop amongst international nutrient artist, Samantha Lee. 

It was such joy in addition to excitement to run across the someone behind all the lovable, creative in addition to inspiring nutrient arts.  They had come upwards together for a charity collaboration to create a delicious Sundae - Peace, Love in addition to Commmoonity. 
Aren't the two cows simply hence CUTE?? 
Not alone are they aesthetically appealing, but they are smacking skillful too! You tin ever pose your trust onto Ben & Jerry's H2O ice cream.
Available alone at the Flagship Scoop Shop until 31 August 2015, all profits volition endure donated to Ben & Jerry’s Benefit Tuesday Night partners. Do your role today to teach scoopin’ in addition to portion roughly love!
$17.90 each in addition to available at Ben & Jerry's Flagship store, 313 Somerset alone

The fun things nosotros did at the light-heartening workshop amongst Samantha Lee. 

Samantha hence went on to showcase a alive demonstration on how the Peace, Love in addition to Commmoonity sundae was created.

Final product!

The bloggers were hence given the happy describe of piece of job of creating our real ain nutrient art!
Pampered yesteryear hence much ingredients to select from.

So these were what nosotros chose.
So colorful right?

We started out amongst creating a brownie base of operations similar to Samantha's creation.

Here are the two lovely gals I met on the same team.
After much hilarious intelligence in addition to feeling quite adventurous amongst our creativity...

... I nowadays you lot our Panda nutrient fine art creation!! TADA.
 Okay I know, doesn't actually resemble panda, but good the greenish grapes represented the leaves in addition to strawberries, the flowers. The large blop of chocolate on the trunk represents the tum in addition to the dark location of the pandas. Haha. We idea it resembled to a greater extent than similar a cute beast or alien inwards fact. :P :P

Utmost thank you lot to the lovely squad of Ben & Jerry’s in addition to Samantha for choosing us equally the sec prize winner!! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 pleasant happy ending nosotros won a prize.  

Our gratis pints prizes Hooray

Tucking in!!! Attack!

We were also introduced to the latest Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Mint Milkshake!!
Shake it milk shiver it.
This novel creation is totally refreshing. I had my gulp earlier knowing what it was in addition to could give away the cooling in addition to refreshing mint inwards an instant. Not overly sugariness in addition to makes for a create thirst quencher. Love.

A tremendous heartfelt thank you lot to Ben & Jerry's for the invite in addition to the PR squad for the tremendous endeavour inwards putting upwards such a fun in addition to interactive session! So happy to met Samantha equally good If you lot haven't seen her adorable lively plating fine art industrial plant caput on to her Instagram.

Congrats to our dearest Ben & Jerry's Singapore for the commencement Flagship Store. Remember to cool yourself downward amongst their YUMMI-LICIOUS H2O ice cream when out shopping inwards Orchard!

Connect amongst Ben & Jerry's Singapore today!
Instagram: @benandjerrysg,
 Twitter: @benandjerrysg, 

Have a MOO-TASTIC Day!!


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