Things to do in Singapore: [Media Invite] Swallow All The Gelato Y'all Desire At Singapore's Really Showtime Gelato Basis Tour 2.0

If you lot convey read my post service previously on the Gala Charity Dinner  before the start of the Gelato World Tour, you lot would convey seen my intro to this fun in addition to exciting event.

A Great Start inwards Singapore on the 2nd Leg of its World Tour kicked off from 20-22 March 2105 this year. This number was a celebration of Singaporeans' love for gelato every bit they came and savoured all sixteen overstep flavours of the Asia Pacific region.
The Gelato World Village was packed to the brim every 2d it was opened upward daily during these days.

Gelato World Tour, the outset international traveling contest inwards search of the best flavors inwards the world, is directed past times the prestigious Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep, the almost of import exhibition inwards the globe for the artisan production ofgelato, pastry, confectionery in addition to bakery products held inwards Rimini Italy. Its mission is to spread the civilization of Italian-style gelato, a fresh, artisan nutrient production throughout the world. In its outset edition, GWT toured seven gelato capitals inwards the world, namely Rome, Valencia, Melbourne, Dubai, Austin, Berlin in addition to Rimini. 

On the terminal day, visitors witnessed ‘The Jury Challenge’ where the sixteen top gelato artisans presented their signature flavors to the Technical Jury led past times its PresidentChef Justin Quek (Sky on the 57) in addition to the Vice President, Christopher Christie, Executive Chef of Marina Bay Sands

The overstep 3 flavours were:

1-    Good ‘Ol Days by Sharon Tay of Momolato, Singapore
2-    Roasted Walnut in addition to Honey Crunch by David Lamprell, Michael & Brian O’Donnell of 48 Flavours, Adelaide, SA, Australia
3-    Vanilla of the East by Keewin & Seow Han Ong of Cielo Dolci, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Special mention:
 People’s Choice goes to Mango Ube Symphony by Zarah Zaragoza-Manikan of Bono Artisanal Gelato, Makati City, Manila, Philippines
The exceptional cite - Maestri Gelatieri goes to Caramel in addition to Almond Crunch by Vanjimuthu Palaniswamy & Kavithamani Vanjimuthu of Boomerang, Coimbatore, India
The Judge’s Special Mention  goes to (ex-equo): Lemon Zest amongst Fig Marmalade & Dark Chocolate by Antonino Lo Iacono of Gelatony, Sydney, NSW, Australia and From the Cradle to the Grave by Steve & Chrissie Powell of Vostrogusto Gelato, Wellington, New Zealand

It was inwards all a happy ending in addition to the gelato artisans were rewarded for their dedication in addition to difficult last in addition to visitors were able to gustation unique and intriguing gelato creations from Asia Pacific. 
The tour volition move to Tokyo, Nippon side past times side followed past times Shanghai. Wishing the winners all tthe best!

Here's or hence fun in addition to recap of the yummy gelatos nosotros had at the World Tour. 

Media Preview- Launch of the GWT, Opening Ceremony on nineteen March 2015.

 GOHs enjoying the gelato.

Guests were treated to much of the creamy, smoothen gelato. In much happy bliss. 

Food Gelato Porn Ahead

Here's sampling the sixteen flavors when Earth comes inwards for the ultimate gelato sense at the Gelato World Tour on xx March 2015.

Gelato Galore

12 Good ‘Ol Days
Momolato, Singapore
Coconut milk palm carbohydrate blend enfolds sugariness in addition to salty ribbons of homemade palm carbohydrate caramel amongst body of body of water salt, in addition to crispy flakes of savory sugariness caramelized beancurd.

A symphony of sugariness savory plays inwards the mouth.

14. Vanilla of the East
Cielo Dolci,Malaysia
Pandan gelato accentuated with vanilla beans, folded amongst  basil seeds in addition to finished amongst a 
drizzle of salted Gula Melaka.

Fragrant Pandan amongst chewy basil seeds, tin hand the axe you lot location them? Very SEA sort of taste.

5. Roasted Walnut in addition to Honey Crunch (Left)
48 Flavors, Australia
creamy flavour of 100% roasted walnuts, blended with smooth Australian love and a mash of nut praline and walnuts for texture.

This is your atypical gelato flavor, sugariness in addition to smooth.

11. (Temulawak) Curcuma
de Boliva, Indonesia
Curcuma are widely grown in addition to known every bit ingredients to brand jamu (Indonesian Herbal Drink).

This gelato has an extrordinary gustation I would say, on the bitter side, this is a gustation you lot won't quite asssociate amongst gelato or anything sweet. Rather real herbal tasting.

 1. Kochi Popz ( Right)
Tom’s Palette, Singapore
Yuzu peculiarly flown inwards from Kochi Japan, this low-cal  yet refreshing creme anglaise is filled amongst chocolate coated popular rocks, which sizzles when chewed.

Love this for it's sizzzling pop!

3. Kopi Fah Sung Thong
I – kitchen restaurant, Thailand
Combination of “Kopi”, an unsweetened coffeeand Fah Sung Thong, or peanut candy, is a delicious traditional Chinese sweet.

Unsweetened gustation of Kopi with the crunchy mix of nuts and sesame is YUMS, real old-school tasste

10. Croccante alla Fragola
Gelato Italia, Hanoi - Vietnam
Egg-cream flavored amongst cinnamon, varied amongst crystals crunched almonds in addition to strawberry.

This is a sweet, egggy please amongst crunch. Getting high on sugar- a practiced thing. :)

7.Chendol Merdeka
Alfero Artisan Gelato, Singapore
Chendol,One of Singaporeans’ favorite desserts, has been turned this into a gelato form.Combining the fragrance of Coconut milk, freshly squeezed Pandan juice, flavorful Gula Melaka (palm sugar), velvety ruby-red beans in addition to smoothen chendol (green starched jelly), Chendol Merdeka Gelato is created to commemorate Singapore’s 50th Birthday.

Our Singaporean taste.

4. Mango Ube Symphony 
Bono Artisanal Gelato, Makati City, Manila - Philippines
combines ii iconic Philippine flavors - Mango in addition to Ube (\ooh-beh\ or Purple Yam) inwards a smoothen mango gelato, in addition to accented amongst rum-soaked dried mango strips.

A genuinely colorful play on the visual in addition to sensory! This is our favourite!!! And hence happy it has won the People's Choice award.  Should come upward sell inwards Singapore

15. Lemon Zest amongst Fig Marmalade & Dark Chocolate ( Right)
Gelatony, Sydney - Australia
combination of sourness of thelemon zest, sweetness of the figs marmalade in addition to a rich complete of dark chocolate.

16. From the cradle to the grave (Left)
Vostrogusto Gelato,Wellington - New Zealand
peanut butter gustation travelling to the infusion of chocolate, hence the crunch of the peanuts onto the mature common salt flavor.

9. Singapore Sling
Focused on the components of the Singapore Sling (famous mixologist of the “The Long Bar” of the Raffles Hotel) past times recreating it into a refreshing sorbet that reminds you lot of the cocktail.
Too alcoholic in addition to wasn't a striking amongst us. Yet terms us 2 tickets for a cup. 

8. Loving Date
+39 gelato bar, Singapore
With ingredients from East Asia(Tofu), Middle East (Tahina), the Mediterranean (Dates) in addition to a terminal twist of Italia (Balsamic Vinegar of Modena jelly), this dairy-free tofu-based gelato is suitable for vegan in addition to for lactose intolerant, highly digestible.

This is your healthier choice, amongst no or fiddling sugar. However because of that possibly, the gustation pales inwards comparing amongst all the other sugariness cousins nosotros sampled. 

13. Beer With Ciambella
Pick Me Up café, Singapore
Locally brewed beer, characterized past times smoothen citrus flavors, is combined amongst the sweetness of yogurt-gelato.

Thanks for reading!! Have a neat Easter  
Remember Gelato is NOT the same every bit Ice Cream in addition to Italians ever serve ladies first. :D

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