Palawan Beach’s Attractions

Palawan beach is a favorite beach among family goers. This beach is located in the middle of the Sentosa south coast and is the access point for the rope bridge to a small island that is claimed to be the Asia’s closest point to the equator. Then, what will you find in Palawan beach?

Palawan Beach’s Attractions
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Children's play area
Children will deeply fall in love with this place. It has a splash fountain, a free children's entertainer on weekends, and affordable food court. 

Post of Lost Wonder
This is the children club for 3 to 10 years that is designed to provide a unique family experience. In this place, kids can play pirates, catch Palawan captain in Palawan beach, learn all about his adventures and help him find the missing treasure. All of that can be done every Saturday and Sunday, holidays, school holidays, and Children Day. 

A place to have a party
Do you want to celebrate a unique birthday for your child? Go to Palawan beach. You can have a unique and fun party experience that will make your child and his friends impressed.

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Dolphin lagoon
Do not forget the dolphin lagoon if you are in Palawan Amphitheatre. This is your chance to see the pink Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins close up. This event is held at 11:00 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, and 5:30 pm. Not only watching them, you can also touch this amazing animal directly and feed them. It is very interesting, is not it? The price guides are $ 20.60 for children and $ 29.90 for adults. This includes the cost to get into the underwater world.

Animal and bird encounters
Palawan beach is targeted specifically for families with small children. It is equipped with playground, aviary and animal shows. Birds, monkeys and reptiles will take part in this show. The show time for primate encounters at 12:30 pm, bird encounters at 3:30 pm, multi-animal encounters at 5:00 pm, and close encounters during the day and evening. For those of you who have a tight budget, this show is very appropriate because it is free.

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One of the best things here is that you can enter for free. Although the water is not too attractive with large tankers in the distance, the clean white sand is perfect for children’s playground and recreational as well as absorbing the tropical sun. So, are you interested to go to Palawan beach?

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