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This post is WAY over due, I accept been waiting to instruct photos off my partner's band but that never happened, nosotros kept forgetting in addition to I ended upward accidentally deleting one-half of my photos from my phone. Ah... Fail.

In Apr this twelvemonth nosotros went on a week's getaway to Singapore - a dry reason that's been on my listing for a real long time. Thanks to inexpensive air fare from Scoot air (no thank y'all to their 2am furnish flight) nosotros booked everything subsequently extensive inquiry in addition to off nosotros went!

I must acknowledge that I am a definite "Super Traveller", I don't move a lot, but when I do I volition schedule a billion activities in addition to our itinerary volition hold upward jam packed. Our trip to Singapore was to a greater extent than tiring than a calendar week at work. But nosotros had fun in addition to our bellies were thence full!


Before I instruct onto the activities, I simply desire to rapidly impact accommodation.

We spent 6 days at Studio M, they had the perfect loft for three people, it ended upward to hold upward about $90 per person, per black with breakfast buffet inclusive in addition to 24/7 gym access. Even though the shower was TINY, it was yet a raw deal.

Our in conclusion eve was spent inward the prestigious Marina Bay Sands. Service was beautiful, the room was spacious in addition to the sentiment was breath-taking. We also enjoyed our ain beds. The infinity pool was pack out at night, unfortunately the puddle H2O was dirty. We had a quick dip inward the morn in addition to decided non to set our heads under. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 black at Marina Bay Sands laid us dorsum some $260 per person. Unless y'all accept coin to spend, I experience that a black at Marina Bay Sands is plenty equally the novelty wore off quickly.

You tin yet banking concern fit out the puddle past times paying a puddle fee in addition to simply instruct for a dip to taste the amazing sentiment (night sentiment is prettier).


The Aquarium is located inward Sentosa (alongside Universal Studio, the casino, describe a fast 1 on oculus in addition to a diversity of restaurants). With over 800 species in addition to 100,000 marine life, it was fabulous! We spent some three hours at the aquarium, I recommend for y'all to convey your ain food.


Singapore is a concrete jungle, the urban core hosts a large amount of skyscrapers in addition to volume units similar I accept never seen before. At the same time, Singapore is all virtually sustainability. Among ridiculously tall buildings they created a stunning fairy-tale like garden. 

If y'all are inward Singapore, set this on your agenda. We spent virtually one-half a twenty-four hr menses here.

Despite the humid weather, brand certain y'all accept a cardigan when y'all instruct inward there. It's FREEZING.


We were recommended to STAY AWAY from restaurants in addition to shopping centre nutrient courts.

I personally experience we experienced in addition to ate the best of Singapore past times eating at different Hawkers Markets everyday. Hawkers Markets was a unique cultural experience, Singaporeans in addition to locals swallow at these markets on a real regular reason because the nutrient is thence skillful in addition to cheap!

I accept posted upward a conduct to Singapore's Hawkers Markets here.


If y'all follow me on Instagram or Snapchat/watch my videos, you'll know that I'm a aeroplane person.

They are super depression maintenance!

It's no surprises nosotros stopped past times Jurong Bird Park in addition to took photos with my favourite birds, Flamingos! I fifty-fifty wore my pinkish Pokémon x Mean Girls T-shirt.

If y'all don't similar birds, I'd recommend for y'all to hand this a miss, y'all heed discovery it boring!


We really wanted to banking concern fit out Universal Studios in addition to run across how it differs to the 1 inward U.S. of A. (not that I've been there...).

We spent a total twenty-four hr menses hither in addition to had the most amazing time. I am a large fan of subject commons fifty-fifty though I don't instruct on those dare devil rides anymore (I'm getting one-time in addition to powerfulness sustain whiplash or a cervix sprain).

Universal Studios made us experience immature again, my partner walked out with 2 bags total of souvenir in addition to I came out with an Elmo shirt.


With the crew from Waterworld


Singapore Zoo is in all probability 1 of the most recommended attractions in addition to I tin run across why!
With an incredible amount of birds in addition to animals, it's a twenty-four hr menses trip. We had a dandy go out walking about the zoo in addition to when nosotros got tired... tram stops to the rescue!

The Night Safari is something y'all don't desire to miss. If y'all accept to pick between Zoo or the Night Safari, I'd recommend the black safari (especially if y'all similar lions in addition to tigers etc). It's eerie, scary, black in addition to y'all are surrounded past times large cats, bats, hyenas...

The Hyenas was in all probability the most scary part... fifty-fifty though everything was fenced off, they were next us similar they wanted to swallow us!


You can't go out Singapore without visiting the Merlion.

With hoards of tourists trying to capture the perfect Merlion photograph y'all may discovery yourself standing amongst a ocean of people for your motion-picture exhibit perfect moment.

Lion caput with a fish body, this mythical creature represents Singapore. The fish torso represents Singapore's root equally a fishing hamlet spell the king of beasts caput represents Singapore's master advert "Singapura" which agency king of beasts urban core - fifty-fifty though it is unlikely that lions always lived on the Island!

I am fairly pro surroundings in addition to sustainability. But my fourth dimension inward Singapore (despite the brusk stay) strengthened my view. There was a time-lapse inward Garden past times the Bay, providing a prediction of what our public volition plough into inside our children in addition to grand children's life fourth dimension if nosotros go on to alive to price our environment. With global warming, it is estimated that the in conclusion polar deportment volition popular off inward 150 years.

Once the public warms upward past times 2 degrees in that place volition hold upward an increment inward natural disasters in addition to diseases, past times 3.5 degrees, 1 inward v brute volition hold upward extinct, past times v degrees the public volition becoming a dying rock. 2015 ranks to hold upward the warmest twelvemonth in addition to I am certain 2016 volition overstep it off. There has already been a 0.87 grade increase. Take some fourth dimension in addition to brand yourself aware of these changes.


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