Things to do in Singapore: Wild Wild Moisture @Downtown Eastward Brings Double The Happiness!

Singapore’s longest inflatable freestyle H2O slide is here!

Did You Know?

Wild Wild Wet has undergone a major revamp too is at nowadays double its master copy size! That actually translates to to a greater extent than H2O rides too major fun times!  In celebration, they are at nowadays rewarding you, your buddies too menage unit of measurement to experience the whole of Downtown East fun which includes non exactly Wild Wild Wet, but also D’Resort, Orchid Bowl too eXplorekid.  

Brand New Memories

My 2nd fourth dimension ever at Wild Wild Wet (yes after ass years) was definitely a changed experience. Read on to regard what improvements stimulate got been done. But seriously? After spending a hateful solar daytime inward Wild Wild Wet, I savage inward dear amongst this house in i trial again.

Promo: 1-For-1 Entry!

Yes, you lot read that right. As business office of the ongoing celebration coinciding amongst the June schoolhouse holidays, you lot too your friends or menage unit of measurement tin larn approximately cracking savings even thus savour double the fun!

What You Have To Do?

From 4 June to 31 July 2017, only come dressed identically inward a pair to savour 1-for-1 entrance fee to whatsoever of the four telephone substitution offerings at Downtown East – Wild Wild Wet, D’Resort, Orchid Bowl too eXplorerkid! That amounts to 50% savings too tin tally upwardly to quite a pregnant amount if you lot are bringing the whole family. That’s non all! Snap a wefie amongst your twining buddy or menage unit of measurement inward identical outfits, upload on Instagram too #SeeingDoubleSG to win a 2D1N staycation at D’Resort. Now, how’s that for the perfect weekend getaway?

CLICK my Video below for Highlights! 

Identical Gathering

To boot things started, nosotros had a particular preview at Wild Wild Wet on 4 June too were business office of the Singapore Book of Records for tHe ‘Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos.’  We of course of didactics also stimulate got to wearing clothing to the occasion too came inward identical LINE X BROWN t-shirts.

It was all real fun too engaging every bit nosotros actually saw many identical pairs inward the topic commons early on inward the morn at nine am too these early on birds were granted free admission for dressing identically! It was loads of laughter too joy every bit the phase game followed too the annunciation of the Singapore Book of Records was made. Everyone went habitation a winner amongst a Certificate of Participation inward paw too vouchers from the sponsors.

With earth who were all game at creating the identical-dressed Singapore Book of Records. 

There was also a best-dressed competitor for earth too whimsical showcases past times the couples. 
This pair of adorable boys went habitation amongst the exceed prize! 

Nothing tin challenge the contestants every bit they flaunted their skills amongst catwalks, martial arts too fifty-fifty booties shaking.

WOOSH Your Way Down!

What got us actually excited? An exclusive first-hand trial at the Woosh ride (before the crowd looms in). The Woosh, every bit its shout suggests lets you lot slide down, freestyle too fast ( faster when you lot sat on the float than on your butt).  Feel the excitement too the air current inward your pilus every bit you lot slide downwards 4.5m high, 50 meters long slide! 

Well, it’s non every hateful solar daytime that nosotros play amongst heights thus definitely you lot may demand approximately accustomed to too may experience slightly apprehensive on the initiative off attempt. It’s entirely natural, no? But I hope you lot after the initiative off attempt, you lot will live happy too inward glee and volition live tempted to piece of job along on going! You volition live safe, exactly savour the thrill!
The dual lanes were made for you lot too your buddies to challenge each other to regard who tin slide furthest…Who volition win?

Available for a express time*, assay out Woosh this holidays! 
Inject approximately novel excitement for the whole menage unit of measurement or amongst friends spell spending a fulfilling weekend bonding, too getting approximately fitness done!
*1 June-30 July 2017: School Holidays, Public Holidays, Friday-Sundays only

Adrenaline Rush!

After having a piece of job at Woosh, I became braver (literally) too was raring to assay out all the other rides inward the commons every bit well!

Royal Flush, Your Highness

We went on to challenge other rides such every bit the latest improver Royal Flush. I strongly recommend this ride! 

Once again, the fright element may larn to you lot initially, but every bit long every bit you lot experience fine too are well, exactly piece of job for it! You volition non regret the exhilarating experience. It was all of 1 infinitesimal perhaps (?) but gosh, the 360deg even out plough at the middle was a stunner! The Royal Flush is Asia’s initiative off hybrid ride combining the Behemoth BOWL40 too TornadoWAVE — a two-in-one experience!  This ride allows you lot to sit down amongst maximum 4pax together too it was actually fun! We fifty-fifty went twice, no joke.
Tip: Be in that place early on to shorten the waiting queue time.
What was awesome? This handsome staff made a basis of departure amongst his exemplary service too smiles to the guests. Thumbs Up. 

Free Fall, Woah

This ride ( the highest i inward yellowish at the background) is a near-vertical total torso drib upwardly to 55km/h at a whopping six-storey high! 
Hey daredevils, this ride volition definitely live your loving cup of tea.

Kids Zone, Kids Play!

For the kids, adults too everyone else basically, in that place is the Kids Zone, amongst a collection of engaging too gentle rides too slides suitable for the young. This is a novel improver to the park!

For the kids, there's also approximately other fun H2O zone at Professor's Playground.

More Rides!


For gentler, repose fun, caput to Tsunami too Shiok River
Tsunami every bit its shout suggest, “shocks” you lot upwardly amongst bouts of seismic sea wave waves.
How does it feel? 
You piece of job along on bobbing upwardly too down. Fun if you lot don’t stimulate got sea-sickness, it gets a flake similar that if you lot remain for every bit good long. The “shocks” entirely come upwardly inward sure timing when the bell rings! Otherwise it is only an ordinary large puddle whereby you lot tin stimulate got downwards the gratuitous floats too swim or float around.  

There are also pretty, bigger floats similar unicorns, doughnuts etc. available for rental at $6.

Shiok River, Shiok La

If you lot want to piece of job amongst the (water) flow, thus this is the lazy ride to live in. Sit on your float, sprawl too allow the currents demeanor you lot every bit you lot cruise the topic park, enjoying the bursts of music too scenery. It’s a lovely hateful solar daytime thus why waste matter it?

Ular-lah, Ultra Power

I nearly chickened out but thankfully. Stay on too zoom downwards this awesome ride! It's a pop ride amongst snaking queue but was actually much gentler than The Royal Flush inward terms of precipitous excitements too it zooms fast too smooth. For this ride, you lot tin sit down inward the float amongst every bit many people every bit you lot like, mayhap upwardly to 6/8 if it’s a mix of kids too adults. Even immature kids tried too remained fairly poker-faced. I actually marvel them, but that's approximately other story. 

Slide Up

This U-curve steep autumn oscillates. But earlier that you lot stimulate got to do approximately paw exercises too demeanor the float upwardly all the way. That's the girls upwardly there.


All rides do non allow camera, go-pro, goggles, sunglasses of sorts to live brought upwardly during the rides. The milder rides such every bit inward the pools are fine.

Things to Pack for a hateful solar daytime out at Wild Wild Wet

  • Sunscreen ( can’t emphasise plenty the importance of UV protection for your peel earlier you lot larn wet! And reapply every 2-3hours if possible)
  • Swim suit. ( Get your prettiest bikini out! Or identical shirts on, to savour 1-for1 entry)
  • Picnic Basket ( Pack approximately low-cal fruits, snacks too H2O along. If you lot missed them out, you lot tin ever buy them within the park)
  • Towels
  • Toiletries ( for washing upwardly later)
  • Change of clothes
  • Waterproofed camera/phone ( nosotros volition demand lots of ootd of course)
  • Prepare exact $6 for the lockers ( no modify volition live given)
  • Rent your ain personal bunk for your party! (Details below)

A happy pump too soul! Relax too stimulate got a splashing skillful fourth dimension

Your ain pesonal infinite admist the crowds amongst the cabins. Perfect for a gatherin or celebration past times the waters, away from the heat.

Why I dear Being a Wild Wild Wet Baby

Now, what I dear well-nigh Wild Wild Wet is looks too feels spanking new. I hateful after the renovation, everything looks bright, cherry, perfect too good maintained, agency unlike from what I remembered agency dorsum too I am glad I came past times in i trial again to rekindle my H2O lover. 

Lockers Area

Getting a locker is almost similar a ritual if you lot are inward Wild Wild Wet too the advanced locker organisation does it real savage to facilitate the heavy crowd. You only select the your locker color zone, type of lockers, duration of rental ($6 for 4 hours is the cheapest too you lot tin squash 2persons’ holding at least), larn inward your appointment of nativity (DOB) too done! 
You volition live allocated amongst a locker position out which activates instantly. The fact that no modify was given left us stumped for a minute but thankfully nosotros had exact. It volition live cracking if in that place is a notes/coins changing machines available every bit good I guess.

Other than that, you lot don’t demand locker pads too you lot don’t fifty-fifty stimulate got to recollect your locker number! When you lot want to opened upwardly your locker, exactly telephone substitution inward your DOB too ‘pop’, your locker position out appears! You may opened upwardly too unopen unlimited times, no charges incurred.

Did I beak every bit good much well-nigh lockers? Opps! I only was fascinated amongst such advancement.

 Communal Showers

I was rather happy well-nigh it seriously. Newly done up, the lav too shower room was huge amongst ample stalls too tin solid many visitors at the same time. Of course, it may non live the cleanest showering stall, but for me I was actually satisfied amongst it. Considering it was agency amend than many community swimming pools, sports hall or gym areas. Anyway, it was all skillful too in that place were brackets too handles for stuff.
 Well the H2O temperature can’t live gear upwardly to mutual frigidity or hot too there’s no shower gel similar a individual gym, but skillful too build clean plenty for a quick wash.

Even for someone similar me who seldom gets into the H2O or swims, the topic commons sure as shooting ignites the adventurous side of me. Get gorgeous views of the commons from the 2nd score of the F&B area.

 Endless Dining Options

 End the hateful solar daytime correct too fill upwardly up your stomachs amongst an extended diverseness of F&B options available. There are thus many choices, you lot volition live spoilt. We lastly settled amongst Eighteen Chefs for hearty meals that replenished our energies. More eateries slated to opened upwardly inward the afterward stages.

Why Wait? Plan your Water Adventure!

Not thing what your inclination for thrills may be, in that place is something for the whole menage unit of measurement too amongst friends! So come upwardly on downwards today too savour happy fun times to cool yourself from the sweltering heat! at Wild Wild Wet.


Wild Wild Wet, Downtown East

1 Pasir Ris Close Singapore 519599
Take a charabanc from Pasir Ris Interchange (Pasir Ris Train Station), 1 charabanc halt away
 Ticket Pricing

Click on the video to cheque out what nosotros did on 4 June! 

About Downtown East

A one-stop leisure too lifestyle destination, Downtown East is a alternative venue for NTUC members too Singaporeans to savour a broad array of amusement options at affordable prices.

From a humble commencement every bit NTUC Pasir Ris Resort, it was redeveloped inward 2000 to larn Downtown East, i of the largest lifestyle too recreational hubs inward Singapore. Its laid-back ambience, consummate amongst resort facilities too a H2O park, makes for a quick getaway from the hustle too bustle of urban core life. Downtown East is also a pop alternative for matrimony too corporate events amongst diverse amusement entities available at the same destination, including a broad diverseness of dining too retail options.

Today, Downtown East is habitation to D’Resort, Wild Wild Wet, Market Square too MUCE (meeting too conventions facilities).

*Photos taken past times OlympusStylus TG 4 for waterproof, shockproof fun moments. 
Big give cheers you lot to Wild Wild Wet too Samplestore for the invite. 


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