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     After spending almost 2 together with a one-half months of vacation I was create to bring together my 2nd vessel, 'SS Tenaga Lima' from Bintulu, Malaysia every bit a senior deck cadet. As I was from the chemic tanker therefore I knew that this was going to hold upwards a novel sense for me. Complying amongst the Bintulu port regulations, I joined the vessel wearing MISC white coverall together with proper PPE. After stepping onboard I went to study to Captain followed past times Chief Officer for which I had to search for Cargo Control Room (CCR) together with which was surprisingly at the midship of the vessel. I was asked to cause got remainder together with study on the next day, lucky me.

    Bintulu OPL

     The next 24-hour interval I reported inwards the Chief mate's role together with he asked me to follow 2/O for send familiarization. Things were novel together with I started amongst penning everything downward inwards my notepad. After familiarization, 2/O taught me basics nearly the LNG cargo functioning which was quite easier than I thought. After that I followed 2/O for gas reading of IBS which was going to hold upwards my daily trace of piece of job on my 2nd vessel. After a calendar week of 24-hour interval operate nether 2/O together with newspaper operate nether C/O, I was asked to produce total twain sentry from 0800-1200 hrs together with 2000-2400 hrs along amongst 3/O. During watches, I started doing my assignments every bit I wanted to consummate them every bit shortly every bit possible.

0800-1200 hrs sentry keeping along amongst 3/O

     On board, the minute yous mean value that yous are capable of treatment things right away that's when something happens that drags yous downward to your degree together with brand yous realize that at that spot is even therefore agency to become together with that is what was just happening at that time, the pull per unit of measurement area of responsibleness every bit I was on my 2nd send together with expected to perform inwards every trace of piece of job assigned but I had my shortcomings inwards few areas together with that's what I needed to operate on. Just afterwards 2 voyage, Tenaga Lima was at anchorage to laid upwards for drydock. Anchorage began something similar this:- 

Organizing events for New Year's Eve.

Blindfold golfing.

This was fun!

Beer Pong epitome sober version.

Top Four! (They ever cause got simply about operate to discuss.)

Kabayan, my basketball game mates onboard.

Ready for bingo afterwards a adept meal.

Bingo time!

Basketball shootout!

Engine Vs. Deck


Tug of War!

     After nosotros prepared for dry out dock, nosotros got to know that the drydock has been canceled together with Tenaga Lima volition hold upwards laying up. Lay upwards functioning was quite every bit hectic every bit dry out dock together with specially on LNG where nosotros cause got coming together for almost everything which is adept likewise to simply about extend. We started preparing for Lay upwards which comprised of diverse functioning similar inerting together with for which main mate gave briefing to all deck officeholder together with asked to read nearly it for the smoothen operation. After gas freeing, aerating together with IGG operation, nosotros went to Sembcorp Shipyard, Singapore for inerting operation.


SS Tenaga Lima (1978, French Republic Made)

At Sembcorp Shipyard, Singapore.

    After successful completion of inerting functioning nosotros were heading towards Labuan, Malaysia for Lay upwards functioning together with nosotros already had electronic mail from role regarding sign off. Yay!

Last squad of Tenaga Lima!



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