Things to do in Singapore: 3D2n Itinerary Inwards Jeju, Korea Operate Two ( *Includes G-Dragon's Cafe Aewol Monsant 몽상)

Day 2

As a continuation from day 1 of our Jeju trip, the 2nd solar daytime saw us exploring the southern share of Jeju — Seogwipo.

1. Cafe Aewol Monsant 몽상

Need I explicate whatever farther who is behind this cafe? G-Dragon (GD) from the famed Korean idol grouping Big Bang of course. The cafe is actually out of the agency in addition to it was quite a long drive along the coastline. Not exactly because it is opened past times a celebrity, the cafe is also distinct for its instagramable exterior drinking glass ceiling-to-floor windows. 
A construction out inward the middle of nowhere facing the bounding main is indeed charming. 

Along the agency coastline all the agency from Jeju Si.

Haenyeo, women divers, play a pregnant role inward Jeju. In the olden days when men are out at bounding main fishing, women are left on this islands for months without their husbands. But these independent in addition to strong-willed women strived to improve their livelihood past times line-fishing out inward the bounding main on their own, using no special diving equipment in addition to past times only belongings their breaths, amongst a couplet of goggles in addition to a circular ball similar subway scheme to go along the remainder nether the water.
 These women are stiff inward that feel in addition to closed to nonetheless do today. If yous are inward luck yous may endure able to grab them. But for us, nosotros mainly spotted them miles away spell travelling along the coastline.

I mentioned Hallabong, Jeju Tangerines are the prized possession of Jeju. 

A Cafe? 

We made Cafe Aewol Monsant as our first halt when the Sun was exactly upwards in addition to beaming. On get-go look, the cafe looked null outstanding in addition to felt similar an abandoned edifice of sorts.  In fact, it stands lone on its ain inward a deserted neighbourhood amidst other estates/bungalows which were belike abandoned in addition to evacuated.

The Glasshouse

The welcoming facade came later on rounding the corner. Here, thus this is the drinking glass ceiling everyone has been clamouring to conduct keep closed to artistic shots from. 
This is actually i of the rare places yous volition meet a lot of locals coming to — inward Jeju.

Courtesy of my agile dad, he managed to capture a shot for me. Tons of people volition endure walking passed yous so, well, conduct keep a jeopardy in addition to effort to capture closed to awesome shots. Patience is the key. H5N1 combat of luck volition aid too. 

When you conduct keep had plenty of the chill in addition to breeze, caput indoors for a hot cuppa in addition to cake.

The cafe's interior is skewed towards industrial, mutual frigidity concrete in addition to steels.

The Cuppa

The loving cup sleeve was real frail amongst a velvety touch, which I kept. 
The coffee left a stiff aromatic aftertaste in addition to was thick in addition to delivered its purpose. Glad that this cafe's non exactly closed to other over-hyped celebrity cafe. At to the lowest degree they served closed to authentic coffee. 

💡 In example yous haven't noticed, the exterior tin endure peered through from the insides. whatever yous conduct keep been posing on the outside, well, people within tin meet you... 😂

No official Website
2546 Aewol-ri, Aewol-eup, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea

2. Jeju Green Tea Field

This Green Tea champaign is exactly across the route from the Osulloc Museum ( where most people volition green in addition to caput to). 
I would conduct keep missed this house if I haven't asked. Totally would non conduct keep bothered to await out across the road. But that's where the gems are. The lush light-green plots of light-green tea plantations! 

Osulloc Tea Museum

For the ladies who are inward comport on amongst K-Beauty, this house needs non much introduction. It was the get-go tea museum opened past times skincare conglomerate Amore Pacific in addition to sells a hit related Korean tea products, food, exhibition centre in addition to diverse scenic spots where yous tin sense of savor tea-related products in addition to skincare brands such every bit Innisfree. 
Admission: Free

3. Biennale 2017

As I stumbled upon the Biennale inward Jeju which coincides amongst my dates, nosotros also went to i of the locations exactly to conduct keep a look.

This fine art installation was brought well-nigh past times the slowly creative someone Kim Haegon worked on this structure using huge amounts of flags in addition to fabric. The golden flags swaying inward the current of air symbolises the nascency of a unmarried wheat seed. It is through this function that the creative someone hopes to heal the unfortunate nation of war history at the Alddreu AIrfield.

Alddreu Airfield

In the background is the Alddreu Airfield, a old Japanese Navy Air Services in addition to United States of America of America Air Force. nineteen aircraft bunkers nonetheless remained spread out across the vast airfield.
Opened to the populace all yr round.

If yous walk nearer to the bunk...

...the colors represented a gesture of peace tin endure seen, tied to the aircraft.

4. Oedolgae

We left for the final halt inward our itinerary. There actually isn't much to explicate every bit it is only a stone formation amongst legends of a lady praying for her married adult man out at the sea. Free entry.

It was nearing sunset in addition to the backlit lite was thus strong, I could non capture many details.

5. Cheonjeyeon Falls

H5N1 rather short/ modest waterfall which yous tin stroll all the agency in, go past times the man-made parks in addition to sights from the entrance. To us, it was null peculiarly spectacular but at that spot were loads of tourists clamouring for a shot inward front end of the waterfall. As foreigners, nosotros took a compulsory shot. Otherwise, the whole "garden" was exactly to a greater extent than of a leisure man-made relaxing sanctuary ( too the waterfall that is).
Give this house a immature lady if yous run out of time.

6. Dine inward At HweolJips

The waters of Jeju are filled amongst all kinds of fishes that fishermen sourced from. Choose from a broad diversity of yellowtail fish, bounding main bream, hairtail fish, mackerel, coral fish, bounding main urchin, abalone in addition to thus much more, many of which nosotros were non fifty-fifty familiar with.
However, upon closed to recommendations, nosotros ordered the Spicy Hairtail Fish which was sizzling spicy. in addition to definitely non for the faint-hearted. I dare say the fish texture was awesome, fresh in addition to sweetness amongst spongy flesh in addition to I dare say that they sense of savor fifty-fifty meliorate than the seafood at Busan (LINK) ( though known every bit a fishery port). SO if yous are inward Jeju, delight caput to whatever seafood eateries!

Hwang Kerm Or Jang 
294-114 Yeon-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea
Map below

If yous missed part 1 of my 3D 2N Jeju Itinerary.
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 the 2nd solar daytime saw us exploring the southern share of Jeju  thingstodoinsingapore: 3D2N Itinerary inward Jeju, Korea Part ii ( *Includes G-Dragon's Cafe Aewol Monsant 몽상)


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