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I initially planned to practise a travelogue on the province, thinking that our v twenty-four hr menses rest at that topographic point for the Batang Pinoy National Championship would supply sufficient fourth dimension to crush inwards a urban meat tour; but rapidly realized after having spent half-day cheering my immature lady on past times the poolside, nether the humid Iloilo sun, I was every bit good pooped to truly become unopen to the city.  Nevertheless, I was lucky to go inwards the companionship of some bully people who managed to build our rest at that topographic point fun in addition to super-comfortable.  So fifty-fifty if I can't part urban meat sights with you, you lot volition withal go getting the dish on Iloilo's must-visit restaurants inwards my side past times side post.  

We took PAL's starting fourth dimension flying out, in addition to got to the tell at the starting fourth dimension cleft of day.  Typhoon Sendong was making its arrival the same day, in addition to expected to build landfall early on evening.  While, it did spare Iloilo from its wrath, the other provinces were non every bit lucky.  News reports days afterwards tagged Typhoon Sendong every bit alongside the deadliest cyclones to striking the Philippines.  So lucky for us that the typhoon's path spared Iloilo!  Look at the flooded streets of the nearby province of Cagayan de Oro.

Anyway, to motility along...  For now, I will post nigh where nosotros stayed.

We stayed at the Days Hotel, and booked the classic deluxe room, which nosotros establish roomy for its class.  Our room had 2 double beds, which could easily bring accommodated a household unit of measurement of four. 

This is how the classic deluxe room looks like
image source
This is how the modern deluxe room looks like.
image source
The classic deluxe room wasn't every bit pretty every bit the refurbished room, which they called modern deluxe room, but I figured if I took out the tacky greenish duvet, the room won't aspect every bit bad.  And I am right!  Save for the headboard, lamps, duvet cover in addition to the outdated upholstery, the rooms are seemingly identical.
look at the departure it made to the room with the tacky duvet half-drawn down

While the rooms are build clean in addition to well-maintained, the lighting could go improved on.  If you've read my weblog post nigh Swissotel @ The Stamford when nosotros celebrated the holidays final 2011 inwards Singapore correct here, you'd know my preference for a brilliant room. Nothing that a asking to housekeeping can't fix.  The true precious rock of Days Hotel is clearly the wonderful in addition to accommodating hotel staff, all armed with that distinct Ilonggo hospitality.  The housekeeping staff quickly provided my room with bulbs of higher wattage in addition to fifty-fifty added a flooring lamp.  It also has a sitting corner in addition to an portion desk, which nosotros establish real useful every bit J needed to review/ practise advance study after the day's contest to build upward for the long absence from school.

Our room came without window views; I opened upward the mantle to a blank wall.  But the lack of stance did non truly affair to me.  The bath is adequately sized, with the toiletries existence refilled everyday.  We brought our ain torso gels in addition to shampoos, in addition to only used upward the hotel's paw soap, but the staff kept refilling the paw lather each twenty-four hr menses with a novel one. The opened upward cupboard was provisioned with several hangers. And at that topographic point was fifty-fifty a security where to seat one's valuables inwards the comfort of the room, though I did no bother to role this amenity.  They claim to offering unloose wi-fi, but the request was choppy, at best.  

Our hotel rest came with daily costless breakfast.  There are a lot of nutrient choices, but I am a animate existence of habit;  if available, I unremarkably start my breakfast buffet with congee.   One of my best Iloilo memories is having authentic Filipino/Ilonggo breakfast spell watching the early on morn traffic from the window across my table.

Days Hotel is right at the pump of a real busy commercial area.  This three-star hotel's layout can go confusing initially every bit it sits on exceed of the Atrium Mall, with the hotel foyer at the quaternary score of the mall, in addition to the guest rooms on the 5th level.  The starting fourth dimension to 3rd score solid a mini mall which includes a grocery, in addition to nutrient court.  
The hotel lobby.  image source

If I would become dorsum to Iloilo side past times side time, I would definitely rest hither again.  The room rates are real affordable, in addition to the hotel's place makes for convenient move for everyone:  the grocery shop on the starting fourth dimension floor, the steady flow of cabs on the street fronting the hotel, the unloose breakfast buffet, the food courtroom on the lower level.  And not to advert that SM Delgado is only a few walks away. 

Days Hotel Iloilo
Address: :  4F The Atrium Mall, Gen Moon St., Iloilo City
Phone:  63-33-3373297

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