Lobster Dearest At Treasury Casino, Brisbane

With 50,000 lobsters on tap for Lobster Love at Treasury Casino Brisbane for a calendar month (from Jan 27 to Feb 28), yous could promise they won't run out.

However, according to Executive Chef Steven Jones they'll require everyone of these spiny creatures equally previous lobster promotions choose been really popular.

The lobster fest is spread across iii Treasury Casino venues Kitchen at Treasury, Fat Noodle too lab bar + restaurant.

Because fifty-fifty a lobster lover would honor it difficult to consume iii whole lobsters inwards 1 sitting, a grouping of us were treated to a Lobster Lovers sample menu.

Lobster Mornay, which volition move available at Kitchen at Treasury,  made slap-up canapes.  I choose to acknowledge a fondness for anything inwards a mornay sauce.  It brings dorsum lots of wonderful nutrient resultant memories.

Wok-tossed lobster chow mein amongst Singapore sauce, fried egg noodles, steamed Asian greens, sambal too shrimp sauce is on the carte du jour at Fat Noodle.  I ate a one-half serve too enjoyed the flavor of the sauce which had plenty touching on to move interesting without overpowering.  The dish comes amongst a finger bowl because it's a flake messy to eat.  I wouldn't recommend it equally a outset appointment dish.

Lobster Thermidor (half serve pictured at the top) has a like creamy sauce to the mornay. It comes amongst grilled sourdough too grilled lemon at lab bar + restaurant.  The sour dough is really handy to mop upwards the polish sauce. You wouldn't desire to run out whatsoever of it behind.

I finished amongst a decadently rich chocolate marquis offset yesteryear tiny lime pears, low-cal raspberry foam too salty caramel H2O ice cream.

Best for:  There's to a greater extent than to the Treasury Casino than merely the gambling venues.
Best tip:  Parking nearby inwards the Myer Centre later 4pm is entirely $10.
Bottom line:  Lobster repast prices during For the Love of Lobster are heavily discounted too attain from $19 to $40. The advertisement runs from 27 Jan – 28 February, excluding populace holidays too Valentine’s Day.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK was a invitee of Treasury Casino for The Love of Lobster launch event.
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