Phenomenal Tip: How To Extend Life Of Drill-Sheets In Addition To Workbooks

The Singapore math curriculum is non precisely the cheapest; a develop of textbook in addition to workbook easily toll to a greater extent than than a M pesos.  If y'all remember, I blogged nearly my extreme happiness at finding the local distributor of the My Pals Are Here series, in addition to how it was just perfect that I was able to buy complementary books which are non beingness sold inwards school... at a 50% discount! 

Given how expensive the books tin get, I just desire to portion amongst y'all how I am able to farther extend the life of each workbook.  I just embrace upwardly the pages amongst post-it, in addition to allow my kids write their answers in addition to solutions on the post-it.  
The benefits of this method:
1. I create non convey to brand multiple drill sheets for the quizzes in addition to and hence subsequently on for the quarterly test.
2. I alone convey to buy 1 develop per level, in addition to all my kids tin portion them.

Since these workbooks alone serve equally additional practise in addition to drills for my kids, no 1 but myself (and right away you) is inwards on the hugger-mugger of what a cheapo I am!:)  

Hope y'all notice this tip useful!

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