Things to do in Singapore: That Cute Pinkish Cafe - Pinkish Planter

I should convey known. With the influx of tourists together with savvy locals, Bangkok has no lack of ("outstanding") cafes vying for customers' attending together with dollars. As a girl, I ever had a fascination amongst pink, well, until I had my outset sense of savor of pinkish fever syrup at the historic current of 7, which left me amongst a "bad" association. I digress. But good things convey changed together with similar a shot anything to produce amongst pinkish triggered my fancy peculiarly when it comes to nutrient together with interior spaces.

The Pink Planter x Bonca collaboration may convey since been over merely the cafe has a novel serial lined upwards currently if y'all caput on to their official Instagram account. Regardless, the pinkish tones of the cafe stay much of a highlight for girls ( together with guys) together with I volition strongly recommend y'all to caput over when y'all are inwards Bankok the side past times side fourth dimension around.
I ordered the macaron sandwich H2O ice cream for 125baht which was some 5Sgd amongst the Elmo facial expression upwards together with Hokkaido Milk H2O ice cream when I was at that spot terminal August. If y'all are detail almost sense of savor this is definitely non i of them. The combination was overly sugariness together with fairly of the H2O ice cream norm, merely adorable for sure. For the gram together with experience, it is definitely worthy to pay this pinkish cafe a visit!
So cute. Easy place too. 

Location: 3F, matchbox pinkplanter siam foursquare soi 7

Nearest BST: Siam

Alter alighting, cutting through Siam Square One


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