Destinations in Singapore: The End Dragon Kilns Of Jalan Bahar

Dragon Kilns are an integral business office of Chinese culture peculiarly inward Singapore. This long firing chambers are built on a loma gradient hence that diverse stoke holes are made on the side hence that the soul managing the kiln tin command the temperature past times stoking the flame. These kilns operate of a uncomplicated regulation wherein hot air rises thereby maximizing the rut produced hence when it is fired up, at that spot is raging flame in addition to smoke in addition to hence hisses in addition to bellows similar a dragon.

Jalan Bahar is abode to Guan Huat (now known equally Jalan Bahar Clay Studios) in addition to Thow Kwang, Singapore’s final 2 dragon kilns used to glaze ceramics in addition to other chinaware. Thow Kwang's kiln, which is 27 meters long, was built inward 1944 piece Guan Huat's, which is 43m long, was built inward 1958. Although these type of kilns were invented past times the Chinese thousands of years ago, it was Chinese immigrants who built the ones inward Singapore inward the mid-20th century. Both of them are instantly protected past times the authorities in addition to solely fired upwards 3 or 4 times a year, on special occasions.

The procedure of firing the kiln is a long-drawn out procedure that tin accept upwards to 36 hours, equally the kiln reaches a maximum temperature of 1,200-1,300 degrees centigrade. The entire ceramic production could accept upwards to 6 days, equally the fired ceramic products involve to live on left to cool for a few days.

If yous desire acquire most pottery in addition to endeavor making i of your own, yous tin e'er take in them anytime in addition to the skillful potters volition live on at that spot to demonstrate yous how things work. 


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