Destinations in Singapore: Inwards Photos: The Unlike Faces Of Lee Kuan Yew

As Singapore mourns the passing of their founding manful someone nurture Lee Kuan Yew, nosotros take away maintain to celebrate the life he had too the legacy he left behind. Although nosotros may know his accomplishments too achievements every bit good every bit as his shortcomings too failures, at that topographic point are xx things nosotros didn't know most him.

He's non only a larger than life character, he is also only similar y'all too me. Someone who spent life fighting for what is correct too good. Know to a greater extent than most Lee Kuan Yew similar y'all never know before:

1. Bad Ass

H5N1 painting taken inwards 1930 when he was exclusively seven years quondam showed that he’s non ane to live on trifled with. Look at that pose – so badass.

2. Social Butterfly

Mr. Lee enjoys the companionship of friends every bit seen on the painting swimming at Punggol River amongst unopen pals. We can’t assist but wonder if he had a half dozen pack.

3. Prince Charming

In a photograph taken during the wintertime of 1946, Mr. Lee looks similar the prince charming that everybody thinks of. He was a pupil at Fitzwilliam College inwards Cambridge.

4. Nerd

Before heading to Cambridge, Mr. Lee got his cousin, Harold Liem to take away maintain 2 photos of him too his then-girlfriend, Kwa Geok Choo, so he could display them inwards his room. H5N1 bespectacled Mr. Lee, amongst his wind-blown hair, looked every utilisation the nerd – albeit a cute one.

5. One of the M.I.B.

Prior to setting canvas for England, Mr. Lee was smartly dressed inwards dark for a identify unit of measurement portrait. His parents, Lee Chin Koon too Chua Jim Neo are seated inwards front. The 2nd row, from left to right, are Monica, Dennis, Mr. Lee, Freddy too Suan Yew. Maybe the producers of Man In Black the painting present came across this photograph too got inspired.

6. Barrister

With the curly white barrister hair, Mr. Lee won his get down murder case too he was convinced that the jury organization would neglect inwards Singapore. He said “I went abode feeling quite sick, because I had discharged my duty every bit required of me, but I knew I had done wrong.”

7. Charismatic Orator

Singapore’s best orator, no doubt. When Mr. Lee speaks, presidents, prime number ministers, CEOs, too diplomats listen.

8. Blissful Man

In this photo, Mr. Lee too his identify unit of measurement were reunited later on his provide from London. Future prime number government minister Lee Hsien Loong looking insanely adorable every bit a boy!

9. Fiery Leader

Mr. Lee rallying the crowd earlier Malaysian leader Tunku Abdul Rahman makes his trip to London for a coming together amongst British ministers every bit shown inwards this quondam photograph.

10. Anguished Man

It was a heartbreaking minute for Mr. Lee when Malaysia expelled Singapore from the federation inwards 1965. He couldn't assist but shed tears, a touching minute captured inwards national television. Nonetheless, the political stress he felt dorsum too so paled inwards comparing to the stress he felt during a night current when his honey married adult woman had a 2nd stroke.

11. Party Animal

Who knew Mr. Lee had a wild side? He certain knew how to unwind, amongst a cigarette inwards ane manus too a beer on the other. However, he eventually gave upwardly drinking too smoking.

12. Proud Father

Mr. Lee too Ms. Kwa beaming amongst pride at their son’s convocation at Cambridge University inwards 1974.

13. Politician

H5N1 smart-looking Mr. Lee pictured inwards a handshake amongst China’s too so senior vice-premier Deng Xiaoping on his unofficial catch to Singapore.

14. Dandy Hipster

The glasses brand roughly other appearance here, but inwards a thicker, dark frame – a prevalent tendency fifty-fifty till today! Looks similar Mr. Lee was already inwards sync amongst this tendency agency dorsum inwards 1980, spell at Hangzhou, West Lake, amongst his wife.

15. Singing Enthusiast

Mr. Lee amongst the Ministers too Members of Parliament at a singing rehearsal. We laurels Mr. Lee the championship of “Most Enthusiastic Singer of the Parliament House.”

16. Family Man

H5N1 photograph of Suan Yew, Dennis, his manful someone nurture Lee Chin Koon, Monica, Mr. Lee too Freddy taken inwards 1988.

17. Fearless Hunter

Mr. Lee, all geared upwardly for a hunting trip – a prelude to the painting present "Ah Boys To Men."

18. Doting Grandfather

Mr. Lee too Ms. Kwa amongst their grandchildren, Haoyi, Shengwu, Huanwu too Hongyi (from left to right).

19. Ladies' Man

Looks similar 84-year-old Mr. Lee hadn’t lost his charm – founder of the Women’s Initiative for Ageing Successfully (Wings), Dr Kanwaljit Soin planted a surprise osculation on Mr. Lee at a dinner mark Singapore International Women’s Forum’s tenth anniversary. We bet the other 2 women were dying to give Mr. Lee a osculation too!

20. Founding Father

Last but non the least, he founded the amazing isle field of Singapore. Not everyone tin exercise that!

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