Destinations in Singapore: Life Inward Singapore's End Kampong

Kampong Buangkok, or Luónòng Wàn Guó Cūn, is considered equally Singapore's terminal remnants of kampong life inwards the island-state. Founded inwards 1956, it is a harmonious mixture of Chinese as well as Malay homeowners living inwards Hougang, inwards the northward eastern share of Singapore. H5N1 broad canal ran amongst the kampong, which links to Sungei Punggol that drains into the eastern Straits of Johor.

The community is composed of nearly 28 single-storey zinc-roof houses inwards a solid reason surface area of nearly iii football game pitches. The kampong was likewise known inwards Malay equally Selak Kain or 'hitching upward one's sarong.' It was in all likelihood named equally such since the hamlet experienced a lot of flash floods inwards those times.

The solid reason where the kampong is situated was acquired yesteryear a traditional Chinese medicine seller Sng Teow koon from Huang Yu Tu. Mr. Sng as well as hence fix abode inwards the hamlet as well as rented out solid reason to other people to build home. The solid reason equally after handed downward to his children, i of who is Sng Mui Hong.

The forgotten hamlet is hidden inwards a modest stretch of Yio Chu Kang Road where this rustic, rural hamlet is filled with yam, tapioca, guava as well as papaya trees. It is non uncommon to run into lizards or squirrels scurrying yesteryear the dirt roads, or honour guppies swimming inwards the nearby Sungei Punggol, where purpose of it has directly larn a canal.

There were four to half dozen houses built on the solid reason during the fourth dimension of its buy as well as it housed nearly xl families yesteryear the 1960's with residents normally worked inwards the nearby Woodridge Hospital or factories. Kampong Buangkok's children were enrolled at nearby schools including the Yio Chu Kang Primary School. Life was a lot slower as well as carefree equally compared to their urban counterparts. In fact, many of them tended their ain vegetable farms as well as bring upward chickens for food.

Nowadays, it houses 28 families (18 Chinese as well as 10 Malay). Since 2000, the kampong’s surrounding has already changed tremendously. High-rise flats at Buangkok Green as well as Fernvale, as well as a newly constructed jogging track, accept directly encircled Kampong Lorong Buangkok.


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