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There were thence many things that I tried dorsum when I was inward Japan, that I don’t intend I could write downwardly each as well as every nutrient that I tried inward a specific post. I tried to compile some of it into 1 shipping as well as I even thence left alongside few places to hold upward reviewed. Well since Nippon was thence awesome, I don’t actually mind. Meanwhile hither are some of the best nutrient I tried during my trip to Japan.

Disclaimer: the numbering on the listing doesn’t hateful it is the best or whatsoever.
It is only the break of what I had showtime to my rattling terminal repast inward Japan.

1. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Shio Ramen
Probably the best ramen I accept e'er swallow thence far. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka is a Japanese ramen eating seat chain that has been pop all across the globe. Started agency dorsum inward 1980s, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka keept their authenticity until this day. My friends as well as I ordered their Shio Ramen, Shoyu Ramen as well as Spicy Miso Ramen. I forgot the exact cost of each dish, but those 3 (three) bowl of ramen cost us most 2400 yen thence likely each of it was to a greater extent than or less 800 yen.

Shoyu Ramen
I actually honey their soup which has this thick delicious broth without leaving those greasy after sense of savour inward your palate. The Shio Ramen has this to a greater extent than salty as well as a hint of sourness on their soup, which likely caused yesteryear the pickled plum that given on transcend of the meal. While the Shoyu Ramen has a slight sense of savour of fish sauce on the soup, which made the ramen sense of savour unique. And terminal but non least, the Spicy Miso Ramen which has this subtle miso flavor as well as a perfect residue of chili pepper. I honey how they non overpowering each other, instead they are making a beautiful harmony inward your mouth.

Spicy Miso Ramen
I also honey the char siu that given inward each ramen. It has the perfect thickness, beautifully charred grilled skin, tender as well as also juicy. And inward illustration you lot guys are wondering, yep it is a pork char siu. And yes, this ramen is non halal.

2. Sapporo Beer
When inward Sapporo, endeavour Sapporo Beer.

Sapporo Beer is brewed yesteryear Sapporo Breweries Ltd that flora inward 1876. It is the oldest build of beer inward Japan. I actually looking forwards to endeavour their beer since this is 1 of the oldest beer company. Also the fact that I had the peril to endeavour it straight on the identify where it began was plainly awesome. I poured the beer into a pocket-size drinking glass (not pictured). The beer pours into a prissy low-cal gilt colouring as well as a quite thick bubbles on transcend of it. I’m non a beer drinker but this 1 has this lemony soda sense of savour alongside a subtle malt flavor after which I actually love.

3. Coca Cola Clear

This was on my must endeavour nutrient listing piece inward Nippon since this affair hasn’t instruct inward to Republic of Indonesia yet. First of all, I’m non a soda drinker because sometimes it made me experience bloated but this 1 was surprisingly quite nice. I intend Coca Cola Clear doesn’t accept equally much soda equally the commons ones. However it kinda impact the flavor because I don’t actually instruct those unique coke taste. Still worth to endeavour though!

4. Suntory Peach Tea
This 1 was also on my must endeavour nutrient listing since I heard thence many practiced things most it. I’ve tried their Milk Tea as well as Lemon Tea earlier dorsum when I was inward Singapore as well as it sense of savour quite nice. However their Peach Tea was only okay for me. I tin laissez passer on the sack barely sense of savour the peach inward it. But it was even thence a prissy alternative when you lot are looking for something dissimilar though.

5. Apple Pie
From what I read all across the internet, Aomori is famous yesteryear their apple. So when nosotros arrived inward Aomori, apple tree based nutrient is what nosotros were looking for. Luckily, equally presently equally nosotros arrived at the Nebuta Museum, at that spot was a nutrient truck that sells this cute fiddling apple tree pie. Each of the apple tree pie cost to a greater extent than or less 300 yen.

I honey how crispy the pastry on the exterior yet thence soft as well as fluffy on the inside. The apple tree filling was given rattling generous, sweetness alongside a fiddling chip of sour as well as has a hint of cinnamon sense of savour to it. The apple tree was soft yet a chip crispy which made a beautiful harmony inward your mouth. Gosh! Just yesteryear writing this, I’m already drooling all over my laptop!

6. Gyutan Sumiyaki Rikyu
On the 5th day, nosotros displace out from Ninohe to Sendai yesteryear train. Once nosotros arrived there, nosotros become straight to Gyutan Sumiyaki Rikyu for tiffin who is famous for their gyutan. In illustration you lot don’t know, gyutan is a Japanese damage for grilled beef tongue. The cost for each share is to a greater extent than or less 1782 yen as well as you lot got a plate of delicious gyutan, a bowl of rice, a soup as well as some salads.

The gyutan was seasoned nicely, I similar the nutrient fifty-fifty though some parts were a chip difficult to chew. The soup that was given alongside the laid meals was also actually nice. It has this clear yet rigid sense of savour broth. I would recommend you lot to endeavour this because Sendai is quite famous for their gyutan.

7. MOS Burger

Before nosotros took our prepare to Tokyo, nosotros had our brunch at MOS Burger. I ordered their Teriyaki Chicken Burger that cost me to a greater extent than or less 360 yen. I actually honey the burger! I tin laissez passer on the sack country that the burger was made yesteryear gild movement it was that fresh. I also honey how the chicken was well-seasoned as well as cooked perfectly yet even thence so juicy.

8. Marion Crepes

We were strolling to a greater extent than or less Harajuku when nosotros all of a abrupt saw this cute fiddling store that sells crepes. We right away accept this urge to purchase it. We decided to purchase the Strawberry as well as Chocolate Crepes which cost most 800-ish yen. Sadly at that spot were zippo exceptional most the crepes but I even thence honey how rich the chocolate H2O ice cream taste. The crepe peel was also quite nice. But to intend most it, spending 800 yen for a unmarried crepe was likely over rated for this one.

9. Shozo

Last 24-hour interval inward Japan, nosotros decided to become on a hunt for some coffee. After days of googling, I flora 1 that nigh our walk road that day. Shozo Coffee is a pocket-size java shops that located only a few steps from Omotesando Station. The java store was rattling pocket-size but somehow has this inviting experience as well as rattling cozy. I ordered their Latte inward medium size for most 400 yen.

I similar how rigid the java smells. The java has this perfect residue betwixt milk as well as coffee. It also has this perfect thick/creamy consistency that made it quite unique to me. In conclusion, I regret did non purchase some other cup.

10. Yoshinoya

Ate Yoshinoya to a greater extent than or less Shibuya for a quick interruption after a long shopping. Yes, I did some shopping when I was inward Japan. Surprise huh? Me too.

The 1 that I ate was their Chicken Mayo Don which cost to a greater extent than or less 400-ish yen. I honey how crispy the chicken on the exterior yet thence juicy as well as tender on the inside. The mayo sense of savour quite dissimilar than commons mayo, likely they are a homemade mayo. However the overall repast was quite dry out that I had to drinkable a lot of H2O afterwards. Luckily the H2O was gratuitous tho’. I would honey to accept to a greater extent than sauce to build the repast to a greater extent than cohesive (is it fifty-fifty the correct discussion for food?) as well as to a greater extent than delightful to munch.

11. Gindaco
My terminal repast inward Nippon which plough out to hold upward thence amazing! I heard a lot of Gindaco Takoyaki dorsum when I was inward Jakarta. I saw a lot of pictures of them on Instagram as well as this was on transcend of my ‘to swallow inward Japan’ list. The solely affair I regret most it was I didn’t endeavour it sooner.

The takoyaki sense of savour thence nice! It was rattling fluffy as well as the tako (squid) on the within was large as well as rattling tender. The outer parts was rattling crispy as well as the sauce was given generously that I fifty-fifty idea to lick it off its plate. It was thence yummy that fifty-fifty my friend as well as I was considering to purchase some other one.


So that was my nutrient journeying dorsum when I was inward Japan. Did I missy anything? If so, delight country me on the comment box downwardly below as well as I volition write it on my side yesteryear side ‘to swallow inward Japan’ list.


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