Things to do in Singapore: Magnolia Wafer H2o Ice Cream Singapore Style

If you lot are reading this, thank you lot for sticking yesteryear in addition to apologises for the lack of updates on the blog lately. Been busy spending fourth dimension alongside my loved ones, don't nosotros all? Good word is I am penning my novel go post, however rattling much inwards progress, only I promise it volition last published soon! Meanwhile, you lot tin e'er abide by me on Instagram.

Meanwhile, I bring been busy trying to proceed myself cool nether our unforgiving atmospheric condition yesteryear tucking into the all-new MAGNOLIA Wafer carved out inwards our favourite Singapore H2O ice cream Sandwiches, made famous yesteryear the Orchard Uncle peddling a wheel-cart mobile ice-cream stall along the streets.

Enjoy the goodness of a thick block of H2O ice cream cushioned betwixt 2 tasty wafers. The new MAGNOLIA Wafer arrive at offers 3 enticing variants that pay homage to this delicious confection, conveniently packed in addition to stimulate for everyone’s enjoyment! I certainly did.

Available inwards 3 childhood favourites MAGNOLIA Wafer Chocolate, MAGNOLIA Wafer Durian, MAGNOLIA Wafer Yam. I honey it that they are non overly cloying alongside sweetness only rather, pleasant alongside the aromatic essence of each flavour. 

Now permit me instruct dorsum to my writing every bit I munch away from the estrus alongside the MAGNOLIA wafers.

Available at leading supermarkets in addition to hypermarkets islandwide. MAGNOLIA Wafer will be available at tS$1.10 for unmarried serves in addition to the S$4.35 for multipacks of four.


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