Things to do in Singapore: Your 2D1n Hua Hin Itinerary As Well As Shipping Guide, Thailand

Easily accessible from downtown Bangkok, if you lot e'er detect yourself venturing to Hua Hin, here's the low-down on how you lot tin become close planning for your trip. Hua Hin is a mere 2hours journeying yesteryear machine from cardinal Bangkok as well as a pop choice if you lot are looking to attempt peril elsewhere without compromising fourth dimension as well as convenience. Getting at that topographic point is tardily fifty-fifty if you lot don't drive. Simply hire a individual driver for a twenty-four hr stream or two, who volition too endure responsible for fetching you lot exactly about inwards Hua Hin. 

Here's my Itinerary

Day 1
8am choice upwardly from Bangkok, transfer to Hua Hin.
we visited:
Phra Nakhon Khiri National Park, Khao Wang Palace
- Mrigadayavan Palace
- Hua Hin Beach 
( skip if no time; Unless you lot would similar to lookout adult man the sunset, to swim, or ride horses etc.)
- Plernwan
- Hua Hin Night Market (walking distance from accommodation)
Back to hotel

Day 2
9am Pick upwardly from Hotel
- Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park (Phraya Nakhon Cave). Involved taking a boat from inland which requires removal of shoes as well as walking out to the shallow seabed every bit at that topographic point were no docking for boats.
- Hua Hin Hills Vineyards
- Hua Hin Railway Station
- Cicada Night Market
Back to Hotel

Day 3
9am pick up from Hotel transfer dorsum to Bangkok
- Drop off  @1000 Sook Food & Farm
 ( Bonus drop-off along the way. Asked close the possibility alongside your driver)
- Drop off  @Amphawa Floating Market (Bonus)
- Reached Bangkok close 12pm

Private Driver's Contact

Google search may generate many hits but I was glad to endure able to brand it touching on alongside Teeb ( brusk for 'Prateeb'), later having done my portion of question as well as shortlisting of the drivers. Payment was inwards Baht when nosotros met, amounting to 9800Baht for 2 days, for 2 people inwards a Toyota Altis.
The payment was separate into partial payments over the days. Price quoted was inclusive of petrol, tolls as well as parking fees.

Contact Person: Prateeb Sratong /( Mr Pussapapa)
I was delegated Teeb, blood brother of Pussapa (whose advert was to a greater extent than "prominent" via search) whom I contacted first.

Teeb was warm as well as friendly as well as did his chore every bit a driver as well as remove well. We liaised via WeChat every bit they did non locomote Whatsapp. WeChat ID: Parteeb or pussapa1111

The Wheel Drive 

The machine was spacious as well as clean. For exactly 2 persons, at that topographic point was ample infinite as well as behold, to our delight, the machine was filled alongside an abundance of snacks! Prior, I accept read many reviews of Thai drivers filling upwardly their vehicles alongside snacks but that was my commencement fourth dimension seeing them earlier my eyes. Totally elated. Yes, these are gratis as well as for the guests' consumption. Water bottles were too provided to us throughout our 2 days alongside Teeb. 
Do note though that such "service" volition only, if any, endure made available when you lot secured a individual booking alongside a for sure driver on outbound trips. This volition non endure the illustration for street-hail rides.

Do I require to highlight that free WiFi was too available inwards the vehicle? How amazing. 
Having hired my fair portion of individual drivers inwards Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea as well as Taiwan, I was only wowed yesteryear Thailand's service which goes the extra mile alongside fiddling add-ons every bit such.

The vehicle serves every bit a taxi on other days.

Now, to know to a greater extent than close the diverse attractions as well as sights, click on the hyperlinks of the attractions on the itinerary to a higher house to larn to a greater extent than close where nosotros went. 
Will endure adding to a greater extent than hyperlinks gradually inwards due time. 


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