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Baguio City is a highly urbanized metropolis inwards northern Luzon inwards the Philippines. It was established past times Americans inwards 1900 at the site of an Ibaloi hamlet known equally Kafagway. The Baguio City is genuinely an attraction itself peculiarly for the Filipino people due to its mutual depression temperature temperature. It is really rare inwards Philippines to convey a mutual depression temperature house equally Baguio, that is why nosotros called it equally the summertime uppercase of the Philippines, together with then it is considered equally i of the famous destinations.

 Baguio City is a big metropolis inwards the Northern percentage of the Philippines. The metropolis has 130 barangays, which include the Session Road area, the barangay that is really pop for bars, restaurants together with other concern establishments that attract tourists together with travelers to the area. Aside from the Session Road area, Mines View Park, Camp John Hay together with Burnham Park are the other tourist attractions inwards the area.


Penagbenga Festival ( Flower Festival) is i of the attractive, beautiful, famous together with globe renowned festival inwards the Philippines.

Schedule of Events

Opening parade
Date: Feb 1
Venue: Session Road together with Melvin Jones Grounds.
The parade signals the starting fourth dimension of the Panagbenga. This volition go participated past times a illustration contingent of volunteers. The parade volition go followed past times a curt opening program, together with competitions betwixt drum together with lyre including street dancing contingent alongside unproblematic students.
Trade Fair together with Bazaar
Date: First Sabbatum of Feb until First Dominicus of March
Venue: Burnham Park
Grand Festival Parade together with Street Dancing Competition
Date: Fourth Sabbatum of February
Venue: Session Road upward to Melvin Jones Grounds
Float together with Marching Band Competitions
Date: Fourth Dominicus of February
Venue: Session Road upward to Melvin Jones Grounds
The parade opens with a shower of rose petals along Session Road spell marching bands played lively tunes that sets the trend for the parade. Colourful costumes together with lively trip the low-cal fantastic toe numbers come upward side past times side followed past times cleverly- crafted, vibrant together with multicoloured floats made solely from flowers of every kind.
Session Road inwards Bloom
Date: Fourth Mon of Feb until First Dominicus of March
Venue: Session Road
Flower together with related stalls together with side walk cafés together with nutrient outlets shall go laid along Session Road that volition go unopen to vehicles during the occasions. Street together with musical entertainers shall go performing inwards selected areas inwards Session Road. This activity shall go organized together with managed past times the tourism sector of the city.
Closing ceremonies
Date: First Dominicus of March
Venue: Athletic Bowl
Field demonstrations together with other exhibitions shall go featured. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 plumbing equipment together with appropriate closing ceremony plan volition formally goal the festival followed past times a fireworks display inwards the evening.

Did yous know? That Baguio is 8 degrees cooler on the average than whatever house inwards lowlands. When Manila sweats at 35 degrees centigrade or above, Baguio seldom exceeds 26 degrees centigrade at its warmest. Baguio is really moisture during the Philippine rainy season, which is from June to October.


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