Singapore attractions: Halong Bay

Halong Bay Located inwards the northeastern business office of Vietnam as well as constitutes business office of the western banking concern of Bac Bo Gulf, including the bounding main surface area of Ha Long City as well as Cam Pha Town as well as business office of Van Don isle district. It abuts Cat Ba Island inwards the southwest.

Halong literally agency “descending dragon,” as well as there’s a local legend that says that when the Vietnamese were fighting unusual invaders long ago, the gods sent a household unit of measurement of fighting dragons to aid them defend the land. As the dragons descended upon the area, they spit jewels as well as gems, as well as when these hitting the water, they turned into piffling islands, which today point the bay.
Halong Bay has twice been recognized equally populace natural heritage past times UNESCO. The starting fourth dimension time is for Halong bay's beauty landscapes. The 2d fourth dimension is for Halong bay's geology formation. Magnificent Halong bay Vietnam is One of seven must-visit places on the earth.

Ha Long Bay is a complex of offshore islands existence 1 of the close typical examples of marine-invaded tower karsts. The Bay consists of to a greater extent than than 1.600 islands as well as islets hiding within many spectacular caves as well as grottoes alongside stalactites as well as stalagmites. The bay’s sublime & magnificent beauty sets it apart from other sites as well as is drawing millions of cruisers every year.

Getting there
By air: Halong Bay is 1 lx minutes flying past times helicopter from Gia Lam Airport inwards Ha Noi.

By road: Halong Bay is 160km or 3.5 hours motility from Ha Noi. The route is fairly good, though traffic may hold out really busy. There are many local rider vehicle companies from commuting betwixt Ha Noi - Halong City. The buses don't produce got spot release as well as the driver may halt many times to alternative upwardly to a greater extent than passengers on the way until it's totally stuffed. Also all commuter rider vehicle drivers produce got to hurry to alternative upwardly equally many people equally possible on the way; they motility really recklessly.

Halong Bay tin post away equally good hold out visited past times route from Hai Phong. It's exclusively 70km betwixt the ii cities as well as the motility takes 1 hour.

By boat: From Hai Phong y'all tin post away accept a speed boat for 1 lx minutes to Cat Ba where y'all accept a v lx minutes boat cruise weaving through Halong Bay islands.

When to go

The best fourth dimension to locomote Halong is from Oct to Apr when the conditions is pretty pleasant. In summer, it's hot, humid as well as rainy, patch monsoons flourish. In winter, it's cold, dry, as well as sees piffling rainfall.

Halong Bay is equally good 1 of the novel 7 Wonders of the World.

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