Singapore attractions: Jeju Island

United Nations Educational, Scientific as well as Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site.
 Originally Jeju was an independent province called Tamna. In 662AD Jeju became a province of Goryeo which was a business office of introduce twenty-four hours South Korea. In 1121 Tamna was renamed Chejudo or Jeju Island. In 1910 Jeju as well as Korea were occupied past times the Japanese. After the Second World War Jeju became a province of the Republic of Korea.
honeymoon destination as well as tin go considered every bit Korea’s equivalent of Hawaii. It takes exactly i hr past times flying from Seoul to Jeju Island. It is likewise oftentimes visited past times unusual tourists especially those from Nihon as well as China. Besides that, Jeju is likewise oftentimes used every bit a filming site for Korean dramas such every bit All In as well as Dae Jang Geum. The striking motion-picture demo Shiri was likewise filmed here.

Jejudo Island is sometimes referred to every bit “Samdado Island” which way “three many” because of its abundance of rocks, women, as well as wind. It likewise has a dormant volcano, Mt. Halla, which rises to a greater extent than than 6,397 feet (1,950 meters) to a higher house sea level. 360 satellite volcanoes are or then the mind volcano.

On this island, at that topographic point are many women divers known every bit haenyeo. They historic menstruum betwixt xl as well as lxx years old, as well as dive into the sea to search for abalone, shellfish as well as seaweed to sell. The amazing affair is that they dive into the sea without whatsoever oxygen tanks. Unbelievable but true!

Jeju isle is filled amongst palm trees, mountains, volcanic tubes as well as amazing beaches. You tin become scuba diving, hiking, sightseeing, museum-hopping, horseback riding, hot-air ballooning, water-sliding, or a i grand m other adventures.

It's genuinely a must-see if you're inward Korea for operate or travel. Come for a weekend or a week, it's slowly as well as inexpensive to larn at that topographic point on a quick flying from Seoul on i of the many discount carriers. Or, yous tin accept the ferry from Busan or Mokpo every bit well. Visitors to Korea often listing Jeju Island every bit their favorite business office of the trip.

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