Singapore attractions: La Dique Of Seychelles

La Digue Island is a steep granite isle lying 52 kilometres from Mahé too 7km from Praslin. Named afterward ane of ii vessels inward a French expedition from Republic of Mauritius to explore the granitics inward 1768, it is the 4th largest isle inward the Republic of Seychelles afterward Mahe, Praslin too Silhouette. It has a province expanse of to a greater extent than than 10 foursquare kilometres.

La Digue, Republic of Seychelles is a picayune know piece of paradise located inward the Indian Ocean off of the due east coast of Africa. This isle is ane of the largest islands inward the Seychelles, nevertheless its population remains at exclusively well-nigh 2000. Most of the people alive inward ane area, close the ferry lines, leaving the residual of the isle an untouched tropical paradise.

La Digue is ane of the most undeveloped too traditional islands inward the entire archipelago. The beautiful, uncrowded beaches are perfect for taking walks, too equally snorkeling inward the crystalline H2O too swimming.

Some people watch La Digue to endure the most beautiful isle because of the combination of palm lined beaches, crystal blueish waters, too enormous granite boulders. La Digue has a fish marketplace at La Passe, which is amount of fishermen selling fresh fish. You tin rent a bicycle too go all over the relatively apartment coastal areas too beaches from the Anse Fourmis to the Grand Anse.


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