Singapore attractions: Mauritius Island

 Mauritius (Île aux Cerfs Island) is a small-scale tropical isle situated inward the turquoise southwest Indian Ocean. Republic of Mauritius measures 67 km ( 42 miles) inward length as well as 46 km ( 29 miles ) at its widest point. With an expanse of about 1860 foursquare kilometers ( 730 sq miles ), the size of Republic of Mauritius equals nearly that of the English linguistic communication county of Surrey or South Africa's Cape Peninsula as well as False Bay.

Republic of Mauritius was discovered inward 1505 yesteryear a Portuguese crewman simply was hence conquered yesteryear the Dutch, French as well as British. The province gained independence inward 1968, has grown into a developing province as well as has ane of Africa's highest per capita incomes.

Mauritius, a volcanic isle of lagoons as well as palm-fringed beaches inward the Indian Ocean, has a reputation for stability as well as racial harmony alongside its mixed population of Asians, Europeans as well as Africans. Although the volcanoes inward Republic of Mauritius are no longer active, they convey left their grade on the profile as well as landscape of this isle featuring the mount peaks inward the W also every bit several volcanic craters. Although Port Louis which is located inward the northwest of Republic of Mauritius is the uppercase as well as the middle of draw of piece of job concern activity, the people prefer to alive inward the coolness of the nearby towns as well as suburbs of the plateau, such every bit Quatre Bornes, Curepipe, Rose Hill/Beau Bassin as well as Vacoas/Phoenix.

Mauritius is the perfect vacation goal with no visa or vaccinations needed as well as with entirely iii hours fourth dimension departure there's no jet lag to worry about. Temperatures remain high all yr circular hence you lot know your vacation to Republic of Mauritius volition endure sunny as well as warm whenever you lot go.

Tropical, modified yesteryear southeast merchandise winds; warm, dry out wintertime (May to November); hot, wet, humid summertime (November to May); Natural hazards : Tropical cyclones (November to April);but most cyclones normally plow over from the halt of Dec until March. Republic of Mauritius has entirely ii seasons, wintertime as well as summer. There is non much temperature differences betwixt the ii seasons of the year.

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