Singapore attractions: Portage Glacier Inwards Alaska, Usa

Portage Glacier is the virtually visited glacier inward Alaska due to its proximity to Anchorage
On a cloudy or rainy solar daytime the glacier looks blue. Calving is the procedure of the glacier breaking off into the lake.

Located l miles due south of Anchorage at the tip of Turnagain Arm, Portage Valley was carved past times numerous glaciers that even hence straddle mount peaks visible from the valley floor. At the terminate of the valley, icebergs that latterly calved off Portage Glacier are visible.

Historical Highlight

A century ago, Portage Glacier terminated on nation at the western terminate of Portage Lake, filling the lake amongst ice. The glacier has been inward steady retreat since then, partially due to global warming laid about associated amongst the terminate of the Little Ice Age unopen to the mid-19th century.

The best agency to sentiment it is either past times boat or past times foot. By boat, yous tin conduct maintain the tour boat "Ptarmigan" unopen to the lake to instruct a close-up view. By foot, yous tin hike upward the Portage Pass Trail (from Whittier side) to instruct an aerial sentiment of the Glacier. The Portage Pass Trail is the one-time roadbed earlier the tunnel was built.

There are a position out of tour companies that render Alaska glacier tours. Some combine motor motorbus shipping along amongst a cruise. However, if yous conduct maintain your ain wheels, it is possible to mass a cruise-only Alaska glacier tour. Given the affects of global warming, if yous are interested inward glaciers, it behooves yous conduct maintain an Alaska glacier tour inside the side past times side few years. Who knows how long the glaciers volition genuinely survive there?


To instruct to the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center, conduct maintain the Seward Highway to Portage Valley Road. Take a right, hence follow the route to the correct together with in that place volition survive a turn-off to the Portage Glacier Lodge on the left. Keep next the route every bit it loops around. The laid about route off to the correct subsequently yous top the guild is the route to boat dock. Lakefront parking is simply upward ahead together with if yous proceed towards the visitor center, where parking is available.


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