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Zao National Park on the Yamagata-Miyagi prefecture border, is a mount common centering to a greater extent than or less the Zao mount range. You tin laissez passer on notice relish the beauty of the nature when you lot view the mysterious Okama crater lake which is besides called Goshiki-numa (five-color marsh) since its H2O color changes several times inwards a day, in addition to Zao Shizen-shokubutsu-en or (botanical gardens), a treasure family of alpine plants. Aboard the rope agency car, you lot tin laissez passer on notice buy the farm a bird’s oculus sentiment of the whole of the Yamagata Basin. You tin laissez passer on notice besides relish a black sentiment in addition to a starry heaven from the club or inns.

Did you lot know? That at that spot are 28 National Parks inwards Nihon . While well-nigh 2 thirds of the nation expanse inwards Nihon is composed of forested areas in addition to roughly 80% of the terrain is mountainous, it is no wonder that at that spot are many beautiful National Parks amongst various geographic features located all over Nihon . National Park areas comprehend 5.4% of Japan‘s full nation area. But Zao National Park is considered to last ane of the best Park because of its stunning beauty.

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