Singapore attractions : Burgers In Addition To Essence Inwards Singapore - Burnt Ends, Murphy Head, Nickeldime

Burnt Ends and Potato Head are 2 restaurants inwards the Outram Park/Chinatown area. I'm non certain what this expanse is called but I but surmised the other twenty-four hours that despite the popularity of these 2 restaurants, this expanse is non every bit mutual a hangout compared to say Club Street which is inwards the pump of CBD (Central Business District). There's quite a lot of places to explore though. In fact, across the street from Potato Head is The Library, a speakeasy inspired bar that is adjacent on my list.

How to larn there: Take a cab. Though Outram as well as Chinatown MRT are the closest MRT stations, it is however quite a walk.
Burnt Ends


Perhaps Burnt Ends was also over-hyped that it genuinely savage brusk of expectations when I lastly got to effort the place. I receive got non heard ane negative review of this house but for some argue I didn't savor the nutrient every bit much every bit I idea I would.

The meat felt burnt? Ok I exaggerate, it definitely wasn't burnt inwards fact nosotros asked the chef to laid upward it some to a greater extent than because our medium steak felt a fight also rare. Nonetheless, fifty-fifty later it  still had a peculiar sense of savor that was belike its signature dish that I but didn't quite like.

The house was nice, it was super total the whole fourth dimension nosotros were at that topographic point thus mayhap don't withdraw heed me as well as but effort it for yourself.

Potato Head

Of the 2 restaurants, Potato Head is my absolute favorite as well as I'm non fifty-fifty unremarkably a fan of burgers. I however receive got to become dorsum over again to receive got pictures. Hence, to live continued.....

Updated Jul 11, 2015:
H5N1 friend of mine claimed that the best burger inwards Singapore is at Nickeldime. Since I pretty much claim that about Potato Head, I but had to effort it.

How to larn to Nickeldime: Exit from Novena MRT as well as walk towards a picayune eatery expanse away from Novena mall or but receive got a cab.

Nickeldime Drafthouse

For a huge sign that says BEER this house does receive got an abundance of beer, rootbeer, wine, burgers as well as pizza.

The verdict: I liked it but mayhap I had such high expectations that it didn't come upward across every bit the best burger I always had. But thus again, my friend thinks otherwise as well as plainly everyone he's recommended the house to is already salivating at the idea of going back.

The house is nice, low-key but pop since it was completely packed. Though if I were to house devil's advocate, what house isn't total on a Fri nighttime inwards Singapore.



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